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Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy 1 Week Birthday Tayden and Brooklyn

Holding Brooklyn
Daddy holding Brooklyn
Sleeping Beauty
Changing my first diaper of many
holding Tayden
Getting kisses from Daddy
looking at Daddy
Daddy and Tayden
Mommy, Daddy, Tayden, and SueSue
Today was an amazing day!  After one week of life we were finally able to hold our precious babies.  It was frightening, wonderful, sad, and perfect all at the same time.  They are so tiny and still have some wires connecting them to various machines, but when the nurse put them in my arms all of that seemed to fade away and everything was just as it should be.  We held Brooklyn first because she was getting ready to eat.  She is still on the cpap, so she slept through being held.  I was tempted to give her a little spanking for scaring us so much and trying to enter the world foot first, but I quickly forgave her.  Her breathing was better today and they think that she will soon be moving to the nasal canula like her brother.  Next, we got to hold Tayden, who was wide awake.  He looked right at us and seemed to understand everything we said to him.  It was so wonderful holding my children for the first time, but it was equally wonderful watching Tim do the same.  It truly hit me that he is a daddy and our children are so very lucky to have a father who will do anything in the world for them.  We were so tempted to make a run for it and bring them both home, but then reason got the best of us.  Tayden moved to a new isolette which means he is making great gains in maintaining his body temperature.  I changed his diaper for the first time and it was definitely a challenge.  I felt like he could break at any minute.  We left the hospital and ate our first meal "out" since Feb. 15th.  It was great to get out!  We will cherish this day for the rest of our lives!