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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

20 Weeks and Fetal Analysis Sonogram

We went in today for our 20 week fetal analysis sonogram. The babies have definitely grown quite a bit over the past two weeks. The sonographer was able to confirm that Baby A is a girl, even though she was still being difficult. We were able to see our little boy's heart, kidneys, stomach, and brain. Everything looks great! Due to the position of our little girl, it was harder for the sonographer to analyze her vital organs. We did see her brain and her kidneys and were assured that she looked great as well. All of this information was very comforting and definitely an answer to many prayers. We did get a few more photos, but for some reason they are not as clear as the last ones.
Since finding out I was pregnant with twins my excitement has been stifled at times by my anxiety over delivering two healthy babies at or after 37 weeks. This anxiety became even more magnified after our emergency room visit back in September. Last night I started thinking about how I will finally be able to relax when the babies are born and no longer worry about their health and safety. Then it hit me - the worry I feel now is nothing compared to what's in store! Once they are here the real worrying will begin - are they still breathing? Do they have a fever? Where will they go to college? Will they find someone to love them and make them truly happy? I know this is really jumping the gun, and that each of these issues will be handled as they come, but I am finally starting to get a small glimpse of what it means to be a parent. My mom has always told me that she has never stopped worrying about us, even though we are no longer living at home and are all three adults now - there is not a switch you can flip or a magic age we can reach - she will worry about us and want the very best for us as long as she is on this earth. I thought she was being a tad dramatic, but now I realize that she was only being a parent. What an incredible responsibility!!!