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Monday, September 30, 2013

August and September 2013

BUSY and BLESSED! Those two words perfectly summarize the months of August and the majority of September for our family. In early August, I received a phone call to interview for an Assistant Principal position in Fort Worth ISD. This caught me completely off guard, considering that a majority of the openings had been filled in June. When I had not received an interview at that time, I figured that I would have to wait another year before trying again. I happily went to the interview on a Thursday, which was with three principals and their directors. One of the principals was Mrs. Garza, my principal from Washington Heights for the last five years that I was there. She had been appointed to another campus in June and had a position for an AP. The interview went okay, and they told me that they would be making their decisions very quickly so they could announce the new hires at the upcoming board meeting the following Tuesday. On Friday morning while at the trampoline park with the whole family, I received a call from one of the Leadership Directors telling me that I had been selected as the new Assistant Principal at South Hills Elementary!!!! I met with one of the Associate Superintendents on Monday and then was officially announced at the board meeting on Tuesday night. I reported for work at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning for my first AP meeting.

This all seems very surreal. It happened so fast and I still find myself wondering if It really happened. God definitely had a plan for me this year and He revealed it in HIS perfect timing. I am blessed beyond measure to be working at a campus with a principal that I know and trust. She has spent years teaching me the administrative ropes while giving me opportunities for practice and now this process can continue. South Hills is the largest elementary school in Fort Worth with 850 students and 50+ teachers and staff members. The largeness of the school was a bit intimidating and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I have been pleasantly surprised at the closeness of the staff and the community. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful. We have an amazing group of teachers who are great at what they do as well as a team of support staff that goes above and beyond to make the school AWESOME! I LOVE going to work every day and enjoy the fact that each day I get to learn something new. My first task was to organize the bookroom and get everyone the materials they needed. I had a lot of help, and it is an ongoing project, but it has come a long way. I spend my days observing teachers, answering emails, and handling student discipline issues. There is never a dull moment as you can imagine! I love where this journey has brought me and I look forward to this year.

Tim has been a wonderful support. My new job requires more hours and he has happily taken on more responsibility at home. He also has helped me out at school by coming to deliver and pick-up books. It is such a blessing to have a spouse that is completely up for doing whatever it takes to make our family work day in and day out. Real estate had slowed down the past few months, but is starting to pick-up again. He has a few deals in the works and we are praying that they all go through successfully. He ha

On September 10, the twins had their 1st day of school. They returned back to Kids, Inc., which is the preschool they attended last year. We absolutely love it and they do too!!! Fortunately, they are in the same class with many of their classmates from last year. Brooklyn was eager to see everyone, but Tayden was a little anxious. I was able to go with them on the first day and he didn’t cry until it was time for Tim and I to leave. Now he only cries for a little bit and then he is great for the rest of the day. I have always been impressed with the projects that they bring home. It isn’t just cutesy stuff, but always is linked to a theme, shape, letter, color, etc. I can already tell that their learning is more rigorous. They now have “Math Meeting,” centers, and literacy time. They have already started working on tracing and cutting! I am excited about all of the things they will be doing and learning this year!

We decided it was time to let the twins try out a sport. One of my good friends was planning to coach a team and asked us to join. Our team is named, “Lil’ Kickers,” and has four boys and four girls. We have had a few practices and one game. The purpose of the league, as explained to us at the parent meeting, is for the kids to learn the concept of organized sports and teamwork. There is no goalie and we do not keep score. Our practices are very hands-on with the parents playing alongside their child. The game was pretty comical. We have 8 players and 4 can be on the field. I figured they would all be fighting to play, but that was not the case. Brooklyn and one other boy were content to be on the field the whole time. The rest of the players had to be coaxed out there. Kids were running in every direction and some would get tired in the middle of a play and come sit on the bench to drink water or eat their snack. Brooklyn was the designated player who would throw the ball in bounds to the team when it had gone out of bounds. Tayden liked it, but was more content to watch all of the action. Our game this past weekend was cancelled due to the rain, but hopefully we will get to play this weekend and have pictures taken as well.

We also decided to let Brooklyn and Tayden choose an activity to do on their own to build upon their own interests, as well as to develop a sense of independence. Brooklyn chose gymnastics, and after a long wait on the waiting list at ASI, she finally is in a Tuesday night class. She LOVES it!!!! She gets to play on the bars, rings, trampoline, balance beams, and do obstacle courses. She always looks forward to going to class! Tayden chose to continue with music, so we signed him up with the same teacher from the summer for a 14 week semester. Tim takes him on Wednesday mornings and Brooklyn plays in the church nursery, while Tim and Tayden go to class. Tim has expressed that he feels very out of place, but that he enjoys it. It is basically a lot of stay at home moms and they have to all hold hands and sing songs (his description). I know that Tayden LOVES it and that it means the world to him for his daddy to participate with him. Needless to say, our schedule is quite busy. Tuesday – gymnastics, Wednesday – music, Thursday – soccer practice, Saturday – soccer game!

Funny things heard around our house –
Brooklyn – “I need for you to paint my footnails again.” “Mommy, I think you need to grow a little bit more so you can reach things.” When asked to help clean up her toys, she sat down on the couch and said, “I can’t right now, my muscles are broken.” While driving down the road one evening she said, “Mommy, can I marry Jake (classmate) one day?” I replied, “One day when you are all grown up and have finished college, you can get married.” Her response, “Okay, but I am going to need a dress.” She has also decided that when she grows up she wants to be a vetranation.

Tayden – “Does God tell you to spank us when we act bad?” Tim responded, “Yes.” Shortly thereafter, Tayden got a spanking. He then asked, “Did God tell you to do that?” Tayden and Brooklyn were sitting in the floor playing and Brooklyn declared that she was a grown-up. Tayden said, “Uh, not so much Sissy.” We were practicing kicking the soccer ball and he said, “Mommy, you need to kick the ball with more umph!”

On our last day of my summer we went to Panda Express

 The big night

 My sweet mom who has encouraged me and believed in me for 35 years!

My former co-workers and dear friends from Oaklawn came to support me.

My former Cluster Coach Leslie and Mrs. Garza - my former and new principal

Beautiful flowers from Tim and the littles

1st day of Preschool

shooting the dueces

he lost a shoe in all of the excitement

Tayden's turn to shoot the dueces

We did the same pose from last year

The twins' new classroom


Brooklyn sitting on the bench before the game

At the kickoff - Brooklyn had just finished hugging a little girl from the other team

my Lil' Kickers