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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring Break - March 2014 - Beavers Bend, Oklahoma

For Spring Break this year, we rented a cabin in Beavers Bend, Oklahoma.  We had a great time just enjoying the peace and quiet and and spending time as a family.  Our cabin had a fire pit outside so we made a few fires and the kids loved making smores.  We explored the creek and a river, rode a train, made many great meals, ate at some yummy restaurants, played games and even stopped by the CIRCUS capital of the USA on our way home (complete with a cemetery for circus performers).  

January, February, and Twins' 4th Birthday

In February, the twins turned 4!!!  I still cannot believe that is possible.  It still seems like just yesterday that we were pushing them around in a double stroller.  They had their party at ASI gymnastics and invited their friends from school as well as family and friends.  We had a great turnout and they had a WONDERFUL time jumping on the trampoline, playing in the foam pit, swinging on the bar, etc.

The other pictures show Brooklyn dressing up as Anna from Frozen, the twin chefs in their new aprons, Tayden's table decor for our Super Bowl party, Valentine's Day, my birthday date with Tim, and our night at Frozen - The Sing Along for the twins' birthday with IHOP for dinner afterwards.