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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Synagis Shot #3

The twins had their third Synagis shot yesterday (only 2 more to go).  The doctor checked both of their ears and said that Tayden's ear infections have cleared up and Brooklyn's ears look good.  Brooklyn now weighs 21 pounds and Tayden weighs 21 pounds 10 ounces.  Tayden does still have a little cough so she recommended giving him Zyrtec for a few days.
Tayden has started army crawling and is gaining speed each day.  He is pulling up on everything and wants to be standing up all of the time.  He now says Dada (I am still really working on Mama).  Brooklyn is now holding onto objects such as the couch and walking from one end to the other.  She is quite sneaky and loves to crawl to the dog food bowls to dump the water out or to any shoes she can find and try and put in her mouth.  We did get a baby fence to keep them contained and they enjoy being in there for short periods of time.  Tayden's two bottom teeth and Brooklyn's lone bottom tooth are very visible now.  They still want to put everything in their mouths so I am assuming that more chompers are in our near future. 
We have been spending more time in the nursery to get the babies more familiar with their cribs.  We did a trial run of having them sleep in them last weekend.  We talked it up to the twins (I think this was more me convincing myself it would be okay).  We got both babies to sleep, put them in their cribs and walked to the living room.  We were marveling at how easy it was and then Brooklyn started screaming which woke up Tayden.  First attempt - FAIL!  I know some people will say that you have to let them cry it out, and I agree with that to some extent.  You have to keep in mind that since April 9th the babies have slept in our room every single night(never in our bed).  Even when they were hospitalized in May with the flu, Tim slept in the hospital room with one baby and I was at home with the other.  For the first 3 months they were home I slept with one eye open making sure that no one was refluxing.  We had to be close by in the event of an episode and that quickly became a habit.  They got used to sleeping in our room and we got used to having them there.  I feel bad sticking them in an unfamiliar room and expecting them to cry themselves to sleep the first night.  If they were used to their beds and room it would be another story.  I am sure researchers and medical professionals would have their own theories, but I am sticking to mine for now.  Just to clarify - I don't plan on the twins being 5 and still sleeping in their nap nannies in our room.  I do want them to sleep in their own room, I just believe in taking things slowly.
Tim officially resigned from his job last week! It was a big step, but one that we had prayed about and discussed at length. We know that it is the right decision for our family at this time. The real estate business was slow through the holidays, but is picking back up, which is a very good thing for him.

Hard to get a shot of the lone tooth
Two chompers

Brooklyn's hiding spot
Our new gate
Wearing Daddy's hat

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Brooklyn in her box
This is the secret to keeping her confined!!

Santa found us!
Tayden and Uncle Craig
Brooklyn tried to eat the ribbon
The Christmas box with cousin Payton
New Year's Eve
Party pooper

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

*I have been trying to post pictures as well, but my computer is acting a little crazy.  I have many to share!
When I last blogged, Brooklyn had a stuffy nose and Tayden was a little stuffy.  Brooklyn made a quick recovery, but Tayden's stuffy nose turned into a terrible cough and then double ear infections.  He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and we had no idea what was wrong.  We didn't know how to help him - a terrible feeling!  Tim and I have both been battling sinus issues and bad coughs as well.  Tim took Tayden to the doctor on Wednesday and he is now on an antibiotic and ear drops.  He seems to be feeling much better!!! 
Despite our entire family being sick, the twins' 1st Christmas was wonderful!  We spent Christmas Eve at my sister Jamie's house and then went to SueSue's on Christmas Day.  The twins loved spending time with the family and playing with their cousin Payton.  Santa definitely found our house and brought the twins a playhouse, books, bathtub toys, Taggies, a doll for Brooklyn, and balls for Tayden.  Tim and I got them an activity table, a shape sorter, and a few other goodies.  We brought them in the living room to see all of the presents and they weren't quite sure how to react.  After we opened everything, they were most content with their old toys and Tim's shoelaces - go figure!  Brooklyn has started to figure out how to work her playhouse and loves standing up at the activity table.  Tayden has figured out how to pull up on the table as well!  She has perfected crawling and can get anywhere quick - her target lately has been Sambo's food dish.  She will crawl all the way to the bowl and then look up at us as if to say - I'm not supposed to be here am I?  Tayden prefers to roll everywhere and can get across the living room rather quickly.  Brooklyn still tries to grab anything that he is playing with, but he is getting better about holding on tight and not letting go.  Tayden now has his two bottom teeth fully in view and Brooklyn has one on the bottom.  They are both interacting with each other a lot more which is really neat to watch.  Brooklyn will wave hi and bye bye and has even said bye bye a few times.  They both give kisses - so sweet!!!  Tayden's appetite has been a little weak, due to being sick.  Brooklyn on the other hand, has decided she likes table food like scrambled eggs and rice.
My grandparents and uncle came to visit this past Monday.  They got to see all of the babies new tricks and love on them for awhile.  It was so good to see all of them and celebrate Christmas.  I wish that they lived closer!!!
I had surgery on Wednesday to repair some things that were damaged during my pregnancy, so Tim and SueSue have been on full-time twin duty.  They have both been great and I have been able to get some good sleep and just rest.  Who knew having surgery would be like a vacation?  I was able to pick the babies up for the first time today.  I am still a little sore, but feeling okay.  We had a low-key New Year's Eve - ordered some Italian food and stayed warm.  Brooklyn was alseep by 10:00, but Tayden was up to see the ball drop at midnight.
2010 was an extremely eventful year for our family.  There were times of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, excitement, celebration, love, and a deep sense of joy.  Joy that neither Tim nor I had ever experienced before or knew was possible.  We will always remember 2010 as the year God allowed us to become parents to the two most amazing gifts - Brooklyn McCarty and Tayden James.  We look forward to 2011 and all of the milestones it will bring, but above all we are praying for good health and great happiness for our family and all of you as well.  Your continued love and support mean so much to us and each one of you is a blessing we thank God for daily.