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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steelers Weekend and State Fair

We were wonderfully blessed two weekends ago with a GREAT treat!  We went to Houston for the weekend to visit my Aunt Sara, Uncle Dean, Cousin Kasey, and her husband David.  We planned this trip months ago when the Steelers' schedule was released.  We intended on buying tickets, but my Uncle Dean made Tim a deal we couldn't refuse.  If Tim would agree to wear a Texans' hat, we would get tickets to the game.  Tim didn't hesitate and we ordered his hat immediately.  We left on Saturday morning and made it to Houston in time for a great afternoon of fellowship and then a delicious dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  We woke up on Sunday and got geared up for the game (Steelers' jerseys and Tim with his Texans' hat).  We talked a ton of smack to my uncle about who was going to be the winner of the game - which we were positive would be the Steelers.  My Cousin Kasey and her husband David went to the game with us - wearing their Texans' hats.  It was nice to get to visit with them on the drive to and from the game.  They both are making exciting changes in their lives and it was great to hear about them.  The tickets came with a fabulous parking pass so we were able to pull up almost to the stadium and walk a short distance.  The tickets were for the "Club Level."  We were all eager to see what that meant and we were pleasantly surprised.  The entire level had wonderful couches and tables/chairs with huge televisions and every kind of food imaginable.  Tim was quick to find our seats, which were AWESOME!!!!  We had a great view of the entire field and were pleased to find many other Steeler fans nearby.  As we settled in to watch the game we started getting texts from my Aunt Sara and SueSue who had stayed behind on twin duty.  We had left the twins' Steelers' outfits for them to wear, but someone thought it would be hilarious to dress them in Texans' attire and send us pictures.  The game was pretty slow moving and then picked up after halftime, but we still lost.  It was a long walk back to the car with everyone yelling, "Go back to Pittsburgh!!!"  Tim had worn his hat backwards for most of the game, but was very quick to turn his hat around so everyone could see it had the Texans' logo.  Nothing could taint the wonderful experience we had and we are so grateful to my Uncle and Aunt for making it possible.  We completely expected a Texans' blimp to be hovering over their house upon our return, but they didn't rub it in too bad.  We had such a great time!  Thank you so much Uncle Dean and Aunt Sara!!!  We love you guys so much and appreciate your kind, giving spirits.

The past two weeks have been pretty smooth, with the exception of me getting a stomach bug and Brooklyn getting a slight version as well.  Our ECI occupational therapist came to work with the twins last week, which was her first official visit with Brooklyn.  She assured Tim that there is nothing to be concerned about with either of them.  This report led us to hold off on having a second evaluation.  They both are doing so well and are talking up a storm!  Brooklyn seems to learn two or three new words a day which is definitely an answered prayer.  They are both able to make all of the animal sounds and can point to all of their body parts.  Their passion for books seems to grow weekly.  I often catch them looking at a book all by themselves and pointing at the different objects.  I have picked up Brooklyn's hand a few times and helped her point to and the count the objects.  The other night I looked over and she was picking up her own hand to count the objects.  My heart melted right then and there.  We are still going to have their hearing screening next week, but as long as they continue to thrive we are going to continue with what is working. 

Last weekend we went to my friend Kate and her husband Creighton's house in Garland.  The twins got to play with their precious children Maddox and Ella.  They have every toy imaginable so the twins were in heaven.  They especially loved the tunnel and the animated Elmo that would sit down and read a story.  We took the kids to a nearby shopping center that has a train that goes around it.  I was the lucky one that got to ride with most of the kiddos.  The twins really enjoyed it and now say, "Choo choo," when I ask about the train.  I loved getting to visit with Kate and wished that she lived closer so that we could have playdates more often.

Sunday afternoon we braved the crowds and headed to the State Fair with SueSue and the twins.  We drove halfway and rode the train the rest of the way.  We walked through the barns and saw some cows, sheep, pigs, and goats.  Brooklyn did pretty well, but Tayden was scared, so I held him for most of the way.  We were able to get our fried food fix for the year - frito chili pies, nachos, corny dogs, tornado sweet taters with marshmallow creme, and fried butter balls with garlic sauce.  YUMMY!!!  We were also able to take the kids through an exhibit that shows how the farm products are collected and sent to the stores.  I definitely think next year they will enjoy everything a little more and will even be able to ride some rides.

 They loved jumping on the Basses' trampoline

Heading to the game.  Tim called this our "prom" picture.  Do not be alarmed, I did not wear a jersey dress - jersey was just really long.

Awesome Steelers' blankets that Aunt Sara made the twins - very snuggly

The coin toss


Texans' hat

They just happened to have a cheerleading uniform on hand.

Aunt Sara found Tim and I in Weeble form

Visiting Cousin Payton

 At Kate and Creighton's House
Brooklyn playing with Maddox - he was teaching her about Elmo

She loved him!!

State Fair