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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Annual Galveston Trip and Summer Weeks 2 and 3

It breaks my heart to report that Tim's mother Dorothy, passed away last Thursday.  She entered the hospital while we were in Galveston, due to having breathing difficulties.  By Wednesday, she was feeling better and was about to be released, but after her morning dialysis session at the hospital, her condition declined.  Tim spent a great deal of time at the hospital with her and came home Wednesday night to sleep.  He had slept for about an hour and a half, when he got the call to come back to the hospital quickly.  Things were not looking good at all.  One of Tim's cousins was able to contact Tim's brothers and get them to the hospital as well.  They were all able to hold her hand and say their goodbyes.

Tim began the difficult process of planning her funeral.  The funeral home was very helpful and Dorothy's church has been amazing.  They took a ton of food over to Tim's brothers and opened up the church for the visitation and a truly inspiring funeral.  Dorothy had been a member for over three years and everyone spoke very highly of her.  The Bishop reminded the packed church that Dorothy had gone home.  That she was no longer having to inhabit her tired and broken body.  No more dialysis (she had been going three days a week for 8 - 9 years), no more wheeling around oxygen - she has been set free!  The service featured beautiful music, poetry, and even a beautiful tribute from the church's dance team.  Tim did a phenomenal job at honoring his mom!  Tim sat the twins down and explained to them that Grandma had gone to Heaven.  Sweet Brooklyn, climbed up in his lap and gave him a huge comforting hug.  We have so many wonderful people to reunite with one day in Heaven!  Please keep Tim and his brothers in your prayers in the weeks to come as the reality of their loss sets in and they begin to adjust to life without their mother.

The twins have started their summer program and are enjoying it.  They have already memorized a Bible verse - pray at all times, and have learned about Noah and Daniel.  Tayden still cries when we drop him off, but it gets much better each time.  Brooklyn, of course just walks right in and starts playing.  They have quite a few friends in their class from their old school, which is great! 

Our annual trip to Galveston was a blast!  We are so blessed to be able to make this trip each year and build traditions and make memories with our family.  Thank you Jenn for making this possible for us!  We did not see a single mosquito the entire time we were there!!!  This year my mom, older sister Lauri, my niece Mallory, and nephew Landon went with us.  We ate at our favorite restaurants, cooked a lot of great meals at the house, and spent many fun hours playing on the beach.  The kids had a fabulous time and are already asking to go back.  This year Tayden was cautious to go in the water because of the seaweed that would float past us.  Brooklyn was the exact opposite and would dash as fast as she could to the water, so we always had to be close behind her.  One of our nights there we got out our kites and started flying them.  At one point, Tim instructed me to hold tightly to Tayden's Spider Man kite.  Somehow, the kite came loose and quickly headed towards the beach house.  I figured it would get caught up in the brush or the fencing, but it went right over the top, heading directly for my sister that was standing on the balcony of the beach house.  Without moving a single step she was able to capture the kite, that flew directly to her.  The kite started to blow over the house, so she had to get my mom to come out and help her get it reeled in and under control.  The twins still say that their favorite thing about Galveston was jumping in the waves with Malley. :) 

One of the highlights of the trip for me was going to my dad's hometown of Sweeny.  He grew up there and was the tiny town's football legend.  My grandfather lived in the same house that they grew up in, until he passed away six years ago.  During our visit we drove by the house, the high school, the football stadium, and the cemetary.  We were able to see my grandfather's grave for the first time as well as my many other family members from my dad's side.  We were able to show Brooklyn where her grandmother Brooksie, that she is named after, was buried.  On our way out of town we stopped at the Dairy Mart for some delicious, greasy burgers.  This was the lone place to eat in Sweeny for many years and they still have a football program hanging on the wall listing my dad's name.  It was great to be able to visit a place that was so special to my dad and to take Tim and the twins there for the first time.

On our way home, we stopped off at my aunt and uncle's house and were able to meet my cousin Kasey's new baby Sydney (soooo adorable) and play with the twins' cousins - Gracie and Rosie.  We were treated to a delicious lunch (thank you Sara and Dean) and were able to spend some time catching up with everyone.  It was the perfect ending to a GREAT trip!!  I sure do wish that they lived closer so that we could get together more often!!!

I had my final two days of STAAR testing last week, so I am officially done for the summer!!!  I have six and a half weeks left and am looking forward to spending time with Tim and the twins and relaxing.  I look forward to reading a few books and catching up on some television shows.  Tim and I had planned an anniversary trip to Vegas this past Monday.  We were able to reschedule our trip for November.  We have heard how insanely hot it is there right now, so I think November will make for a much better trip!

As usual, there have been some hilarious things said around our house lately that I must share:

Brooklyn - I found her in the bathroom the other day, standing on her stool making horse noises.  When she saw me, she said, "Hi Mommy.  I'm speaking horse."  She loves to tell us that it is snowing outside and then dress up in her long pajamas, old coat, and tall boots.  I try to explain that it is extremely hot outside, but she loves to dress for the snow.  I asked her what she learned about Daniel and she said that he was thrown into the den full of hungry lions.  I then asked if the lions hurt him and she replied, "No."  My next question, "Why not?"  Her response, "They didn't want to."  The other night she crawled up in my lap and told me that she needed a cuddle.  Midway through our hug she told me that I will be her best friend forever!  She melts my heart!!!!!  She is always on the go, always doing something, but she has the most tender heart.  Tayden hurt his foot and it was bleeding.  She came over to him as I was cleaning him up and said, "Don't worry Buddy, I am going to be here for you and take great care of you."  This is the same thing she tells him when he gets upset about going to school.  She is a great big sister!

Tayden - In Galveston we saw a commercial for a hair dryer that curls your hair while drying it.  The twins both decided they wanted one.  Tayden informed Brooklyn that her hair was not long enough and her response was that it was for girls only.  They went back and forth for a bit, and then he said, "Stop being so roof." Haha.  He has decided that he is now tall enough to stand up while going to the bathroom.  His aim is still not perfect, but he gets the job done.  Brooklyn found this approach very handy and wanted to try it herself.  That was an interesting conversation I was not prepared to have!!!  The other night while getting the kids tucked in for bed Brooklyn asked me if I like to spank people.  I said, "No, it makes me very sad."  Tayden sat up in his bed and said, "Well then just don't spank us anymore."  He thought he had the perfect solution to the problem.  I hang a number line, a days of the week poster, and a months of the year poster in the playroom.  Tayden loves singing the songs, while touching the corresponding name on the posters.  He woke me up this morning, saying he was ready to go hang more things in the playroom.  He can say the days and months in order and count to 30!!!

 I love being able to be at home with them and watching them grow and change each day.  There is never a dull moment in our house!  We frequently talk about how blessed we are and how never in our wildest dreams did we think we would end up with two amazing children who have enriched our lives beyond what we ever thought possible.

In the car - Galveston bound

Lolly and the twins

Always our first place to eat!!!

the view


SueSue and Brooklyn

Pleasure Pier


the seagulls

the house my dad where my dad grew up

the mailbox and address marker that my grandfather made years ago - still there

the program at the Dairy Mart

flying his kite

our selfie

cousins on the beach

stylin for dinner

parachute fun


This picture if foggy, but it shows how Brooklyn spent most of her time.

Brooklyn Gump

Brooklyn under the SUPER MOON

kissing baby Sydney


Brooklyn and Rosie

super moon reflecting on the water

had to share this picture - while putting away laundry a few weeks ago, Brooklyn and Tayden found the lotion, took off all of their clothes, and covered themselves from head to toe.  Most of the pictures contained partial nudity, so I left them out.  The floor was coated in lotion as well, so when I came around the corner and they tried to run away, they both ended up falling in the floor.  Looking back now it is hilarious, but at the time I was not a happy camper!!!!