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Monday, August 20, 2012

Letters Oo and Pp, Trip to Abilene, Lazy H Ranch, and Swimming

Tonight is my last official night of summer - boo!!!!  I am very sad that my time of hanging out with the twins all day, every day has come to an end, but I am also looking forward to a great new school year.  We had amazing family time this summer and made some great memories!

The biggest news of the summer is that the twins are now sleeping in their own beds in their own room!!!  Many of you remember that they had terrible reflux due to their prematurity.  They would have episodes in the night so I got used to sleeping at the foot of my bed so that I was close to their pack-n-plays.  They grew out of the reflux, and we tried on a few occasions to move them to their cribs, but one of them would always have a meltdown which would make me not ready to move them.  That was my top goal for the summer and they succeeded!!!  They have been sleeping in their for naps and at bedtime for almost two weeks now!  I spent night #1 in the floor at the foot of the cribs.  Brooklyn was okay, but Tayden wanted to make sure I was close.  Brooklyn has always woken up in the middle of the night, and that has decreased since the move.  Now, when she wakes up, she will climb out of her crib and make it past all of the gates to climb in our bed.  This doesn't happen too often.  My mom suggested we make a chart so that they could put stickers for each time they slept in their "big beds."  Once they filled their charts, they got to go and pick out a new toy.  Brooklyn chose her first Barbie doll, that she named Barbie James, and Tayden picked a piano.  Every morning when I get them out of bed, Tayden will say, "Slept in big beds, good job!"  A few nights, he has pointed to our room and said, "Sleep in old beds?"  Precious boy!  So overall, I guess it was harder for me to let them out of my reach, than for them to get used to being in their own room.

Since my last post, we have covered Oo and Pp.  Here are the things we learned about:

Oo - octopus, owl, oval, ostrich, ox

Pp -  penguin, popcorn, peacock, pig, puppy, porqupine, pray

The twins continue to grow and change each day.  They definitely have established their personalities!  They say the funniest things on a daily basis.  I try to remember all of them to share.  Here are some of the gems:

Brooklyn - constantly gets her purse - I ask her where she is going, and she replies, "College." 
She loves Toy Story 3 (Andy goes off to college).  While in Abilene last weekend I drove them around ACU and she said, "Mommy I see Andy and Woody."  One night we put them down for bed and I came in our room to watch the video monitor.  She climbed into Tayden's bed and then got the monitor off the shelf and was looking into it saying, "What is this?"  She handed it to Tayden, who did the same thing.  It was like the Blair Witch Project movie, where you keep getting great up the nose shots.  I finally spoke into the monitor and told her to lay down.  She said, "Oh, hi mommy!!!"  Now, she will wave at the monitor and tell me hello over and over.  She has finally starting showing some interest in her baby doll that Santa brought her.  She named her Judge and likes taking care of her.  She goes to the fridge and tries to get the milk, telling me that Judge needs her milk.  She has decided that for Halloween she wants to be Little Bo Sheep.  At night, when we lay her down she has a routine she always follows.  She will tell us that she has teet ee in her diaper.  If she does we will change her.  Then she will say she has poo poo.  Anything to delay getting still. 

Tayden - loves to eat popsicles for his dessert after dinner.  He got his shirt dirty so I said, I need to go get you a t-shirt."  He replied, "Get Brooklyn a B shirt."  Any time we talk about doing something like swimming or going somewhere, he will clarify that mommy is going too (he has become my shadow this summer).  He also loves to help unload the groceries (yeah).  He will tell me what each thing is and if he doesn't know he will make things up.  He had the sour cream and said, "Cotton candy."  I explained that it was sour cream, so that night for dinner he wanted a popsicle that smelled like sour cream.  Crazy kid!!!  Every time he has a poopy diaper he will say, "Holy Moly," when I change it.  He just recently started saying, "We have a problem," while holding his chin in thought.  I'll ask him what the problem is, but he never seems to know.  He often tells me that he is scared and wants to cuddle - which I am praying he never outgrows. 

We went to Abilene last weekend to surprise my Nana for her birthday.  Lolly, Malley, and Landon rode with us.  Aunt Lovey, Uncle Dean, Uncle Shane, and SueSue were all there.  They had a great time exploring Nana and Pawpaw's house, especially the room filled with highly fragile antiques.  They loved playing the piano and hanging from the metal bar that has been in the doorway for as long as I can remember.  Brooklyn told Nana happy birthday at least 80 times, and then would say, "Oh hi Lovey," every time she saw Lovey.  On the way home she climbed out of her carseat multiple times so we had to keep pulling over.  Lolly kept calling her Houdini, which is very appropriate.  It is impossible to keep her confined.  I did get to visit my Pawpaw for a little bit.  He recently had surgery to have a feeding tube put in, so he was still a little groggy.  Please continue to pray for him to start feeling better and for my Nana to continue to be strong for him.  I wish we could've stayed longer, but we enjoyed our time with family.

We have taken the twins swimming a few times at different friends' houses and they love it.  Tayden says that his skin has tinkles (wrinkles) when he gets out.  We also took them to my best friend Lindsy's ranch this past week.  Tim, SueSue, Jamie, and Payton went with us.  We got to feed catfish and horses, run around and play on their awesome swingset, and swim.  Lindsy was a great hostess - serving us yummy dips, and then her niece came over and made a delicious dinner.  Thank you so much for having us Linz!!!  Brooklyn did fall at one point in the evening and skinned her knee.  Michael, Lindsy's husband, is a firefighter/paramedic,  so he quickly cleaned it up and put a bandage on it.  Now every time she gets hurt she is going to expect a cute fireman to come to her rescue!  Wouldn't it be nice if life wo!rked that way!!

The twins start Mother's Day Out on September 11th.  They are really excited about getting backpacks, lunchboxes, and napmats.  We talk about it a lot, so that they know what to expect.  Please pray that they will love it and make many new friends!  That is all for now- hope everyone has a great week!



Panda and Pig


 Playing the piano at Nana and Pawpaw's

Happy Birthday Nana

Reading a book with Nana

Holding hands - precious


Tarantula at Lazy H Ranch

Feeding the fish


She wanted to give Doc a kiss


Payton and Mimi

bareback Brooklyn

Payton's turn

Lunch at Cousin Payton's

Riding the horsey


Cowgirl Brooklyn

Barbie James

the piano man



ready for the pool

swimming at the Rodriguez's

Tayden and Mrs. Rodriguez