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Sunday, February 17, 2013

3rd Birthday Party

The twins' birthday party was GREAT!!!  We rented the playscape at the Hills Church - North Richland Hills Campus.  We invited the children from the twins' class, many family members and friends.  The twins' had been excited about their party for weeks and would tell us all of the time that they had a birthday coming up.  I asked them a few months ago what kind of party they wanted to have and they picked - Mickey and Minnie. 

I must give huge props to my mom (SueSue) for all of her help with the decorations and preparations.  We spent two evenings organizing everything, creating the banner, making centerpieces, cupcake toppers, etc.  It was nice getting to chat with her as we worked.  I could not have pulled it off without her help!  Thank you so much mom for jumping in and adding your special touch!

The church provided a coordinator for the party and she was much like a drill sergeant.  She was very helpful in setting everything up and was a stickler for making sure we were on schedule.  I was not supposed to bring a "meal" only snacks (hot dogs are snacks right?), so she was very stressed out thinking that this would throw everything off course.  I assured her that we would be finished and cleaned up on time - and with the help of many people this was possible.  She was quite opiniated and even told me that in future years I should get the twins 1 cake and just make one 1/2 for Brooklyn and 1/2 for Tayden.  Needless to say, there were moments when I wanted to give her a piece of my mind, but sweet friends were there to make sure that I maintained my sanity.

We had Mickey shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot dogs, walking nachos (you open a small bag of fritos or doritos and pour a spoonful of nacho cheese on the top), cakes and cupcakes.  We followed tradition and sang to the twins separately.  Tayden got upset when we sang to him and was trying to get down.  He made a hilarious sad face through the entire song.  It was greatness!  The kids had a wonderful time and were so happy to see all of their friends and family!  Thank you everyone for making it such a special day!  We went to my mom's after the party to open all of the presents.  My camera memory was full at that time, so Tim used the video camera to take pictures.  Once I get those uploaded I will post them as well.   

It was a wonderful day and a perfect celebration of two precious, healthy children that mean the world to Tim and me.  I cannot imagine my life without them!  Each day I get to spend with our little miracles is truly the greatest blessing ever.  Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn and Tayden!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so honored to be your parents!

Maddox and Ella

Kate (my college roommate and dear friend) and me

cupcake goatee

Brooklyn playing peek-a-boo with baby Abby

Mickey and Minnie

water bottles

kids' table decor

hot dogs

Tayden's cake


Brooklyn's cake


favor boxes

birthday girl

birthday boy

Kerrick II

singing to Brooklyn

Tayden trying to hide

not sure what I am doing here - trying not to laugh possibly

Craig and Cousin Nita

cupcake time

they enjoyed them

cousin Payton helping open presents

a puzzle stool from SueSue


basketball goal from the Hargroves

magna doodlers from the Garzas

the NICU crew - Alex, Tayden, Brooklyn and Will