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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Many of you know that we have wanted kids for a long time and officially started trying to have a family this summer. After two months with no success, my doctor did a blood test and determined that I had been preventative for so long that my body hadn't started ovulating again. He offered two options - keep trying and wait for my body to get in gear or take a round of Clomid and let that jumpstart the process. We researched the side effects of the medication and found that it only had a 10% chance of twins - what are the odds??? We were so ready for kids that we decided to go with the Clomid and I took one round while we were on our cruise to Alaska in July. A few short weeks later on Monday, August 17th, we found out that we are pregnant!! At our first doctor's appointment on August 26th, our doctor confirmed the pregnancy and did our first sonogram. He immediately said that he saw "owl eyes." We had no clue what he was talking about, but when he showed us the image, we were pretty sure he was pointing at two babies.

He asked us to come back a week later to be sure. We went to dinner after the visit and ate in almost total silence. The only words we spoke were "two babies, two cribs, two late night feedings." We were definitely overwhelmed but so grateful that God had blessed us with 1 baby, possibly 2. We spent the next week in prayer that God's will would be revealed and sure enough on September 3rd it was revealed LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

What appears to be a ghost is our two babies in two different sacks. Dr. White said that if I was only carrying one baby, my due date would be April 28th, but he estimates it will probably be about three weeks earlier. Our new prayer is that our twins will be healthy and stay inside until 36-37 weeks. I am almost 7 weeks now. It still seems completely unreal, but we are so very excited. We go back on October 2nd to hear the heartbeats!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Melissa!!
Don't worry you are doing fine...everything will be okay..i will keep praying for the "mini me's" to get here all in good health and that they will torture Tim and be perfect angels to you!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! It's gone by so fast. I'm so excited for you guys. What a BLESSING!!!! I'm praying for you and the babies, but i know you will do fine. Oh and I love your dog..TOO CUTE...I know we met briefly, but just know if you guys ever need a me I'm here. I could look after SAMBO(ONLY).LOL..When the ANGELS arrive..Keep praying and everything will be just fine.