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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Boy and One Girl

We had our big doctor's appointment yesterday and things went really well. We went back for the sonogram and the sonographer spent some time locating each of the babies and then measured their heads, stomachs, and femurs. Suprisingly both babies are measuring the exact same which is wonderful because the are developing at an equal rate. She next went to Baby A to determine the gender, but the baby was not cooperating. At first a foot was in the way and then the umbilical cord, so she went over to Baby B to try. Very quickly she was able to identify the extra equipment and declared Baby B a boy. With this news Tim let go of my hand and started screaming and jumping up and down. Next he dropped to the ground for push-ups. I apologized to the sonographer but she said that she liked to see such excitement.

Once Tim regained his composure I was sent to the restroom in the hopes that walking would move Baby A. When I came back, the umbilical cord was still in the way, but she was able to get a pretty good look and declared Baby A a girl.

Baby A Yawning

As she was finishing up, the sonographer and I were talking when Tim said, "Is that someone waving?" We both turned to the screen and sure enough Baby B (boy) was looking directly into the "camera" and waving at us. I thought it was a joke the sonographer plays on all parents at the conclusion of the sonogram, but she convinced us that it was no joke. You can kind of see it in one of the pictures, but on the video she gave us it is super clear.

If you look closely you can see the face of the baby on the left and his arm above his head waving.

We are going back in two weeks for the fetal analysis sonogram where she will look at internal organs such as the heart and the brain, but she said at this point everything looks great.
For those 6 of you who voted correctly, don't worry you will all be given equal opportunity for the night shift. We wouldn't want anyone to feel left out :-).
Finding out the gender of the twins helped us to finalize names. Our son will be Tayden James - Tayden because Tim really wanted his son to have a "T" name, and James after my precious dad that passed away on September 9, 1998. Our daughter will be Brooklyn McCarty - Brooklyn for two reasons - 1)My grandmother (dad's mother) was named Brooksie and 2)My middle name and my mom's middle name is Lynn, and my great grandmother's first name was Lennie. McCarty was Tim's grandmother's maiden name. She meant the world to him and he wanted to honor her.
We greatly appreciate all of your prayers and encouragement! We are truly blessed and this year Thanksgiving will have a whole new meaning for us.


ReTanya said...

yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy so happy for you guys. i guess nicole can take one week of night shift. hahahaha j/k but thats awesome- retanya