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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A White Christmas

Belly at 20 weeks

This Christmas was quite crazy because it actually snowed!!  It was so perfect to have a white Christmas, but our family did have to cancel our Christmas Eve plans and eat at Joe's Pasta and Pizza instead.  We were able to get together on Christmas and the babies got their first Christmas presents - hooded towels, mittens, hats, a changing table pad, and sound machines for their cribs.  Tim also surprised me with monogrammed burp rags.  Seeing their names on something concrete made it official!  We entered into 2010 knowing that we had just celebrated our last Christmas and New Year's as a family of two.

I have been able to feel the babies move on the inside since late November, but on the day after Christmas I felt them move for the first time on the outside.  Tim was sitting next to me and was able to feel them as well.  Since then, the movement increases every day and we can even see them move at times.  It is so strange to have two bodies in there because one is usually kicking me up high while the other is kicking down low.  Experiencing this movement has made the pregnancy truly real for me.  Tim on the other hand gets a little freaked out by it. 

We went to the doctor this past week for our last monthly visit.  I am 24 weeks and from now up until week 32 we will be going every other week.  At that point my appointments will become weekly.  The doctor said that everything is looking good and that he is pretty certain I will have a c-section due to my short stature - just another con of being short!!  Term for twins is 37 weeks, but he said that in his experience 36 weeks is the norm.  If this is the case, our babies have a strong chance of being delivered on April Fool's Day (surely that can be avoided).  We are really looking forward to having a 3D/4D sonogram on Saturday, January 30th.  I will definitely post the photos as soon as we get home that day.

In closing I do want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my husband Tim who completed real estate school and passed his certification exam in December.  He has hit the ground running and is doing a wonderful job.  He is still working for GMAC so he shows houses primarily on the evenings and weekends.  We are planning on listing our house this month in the hopes that it will sell before the babies come so that we can move to a house with more space.

We hope that 2010 brings each of you good health and great happiness!!!


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Aunt Sara said...

I loved your post - and it was awesome to get to see you! Thanks for making us far away feel so involved and connected. This is surely beginning to be so REAL, huh??? Ok, really, CAN I COME TO HELP??? I'm on call!!! How is Jamie feeling??? Is she really big?? I'm so proud of Tim's accomplishment. That's an awesome career. So proud of him.
Can't wait to see 4D pics of Brooksie and TayTay. Love you! Aunt Sara