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Friday, May 21, 2010

Update on Brooklyn

We went back to the pediatrician to follow-up on Brooklyn yesterday and she was very concerned about her cough.  On Wednesday she had started to eat less and when she was hungry she had a hard time keeping her formula down because she was coughing so bad.  Her doctor decided that we should have her admitted to Children's Hospial of Dallas so that they could keep a close eye on her and the pulmonary specialist she has been wanting us to see is based in Dallas and does his rounds there and could see her quickly.  We made the drive to Dallas about 4:00 p.m. yesterday.  We did have to process through the ER and finally made it to a room at around 10:00.  They had things much more organized than Cooks and we were very impressed.  Her oxygen level did sink a little, especially when she would cough so they put her on a nasal cannula.  This definitely gave us flashbacks to the NICU!!!  Once she got to her room they decided to start an IV because she was on the verge of being dehydrated.  She has a very nice big person room all to herself with a metal crib in the center.  We were so used to her being in a room with other babies and nurses so this is definitely a change.  We made the decision at around midnight for Tim to stay with her and for me to come home to tend to Tayden so that my mom could get some rest.  I just talked to Tim and the pulmonary specialist came by this morning and is thinking that this could all be the result of her aspirating during one or more of her reflux episodes.  They did a nasal culture in the ER yesterday and he anticipates the results to all be negative and at that point he would like to give her a round of steroids to clear up her lungs.  She has had a few breathing treatments and been suctioned a few more times and is eating well.  So now we just wait to see what the results of the nasal culture show so that we know what the next step will be.  We are still giving Tayden breathing treatments at home and he is doing very well.  Thank you so much for your prayers - please keep them coming!!!

Update - The doctor just came in and her culture showed that she has the croup.  He said that they are seeing a lot of it in babies right now and that he thinks she should be much better in 3-5 days.  If she doesn't get better as fast as he would like her to he will try the steroids.