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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Synagis #2 and 20 pounds

The twins had their 2nd Synagis shot today and I think it went a little better than the first one.  Tim and SueSue requested that there be two nurses present so that they could administer the two shots at the same time, instead of sticking one leg and then sticking the other leg.  The babies were weighed in and we have officially hit the 20 pound mark.  Brooklyn was 20 lbs. .1 oz. and Tayden was 20 lbs. .7 oz.  Their weight gain is great news as it shows that the regular formula is being effective!
Brooklyn is in full crawling mode.  She is picking up speed with each passing day and every item in our house is fair game.  We have rearranged our living room twice to make it more crawler friendly.  Our house has become one giant playroom!  Tonight she managed to dump half of my Sonic tea on the rug and then when Tim jumped up to grab something from the kitchen, she somehow found his fork and was happily swinging it around.  YIKES!!!  We never quite understood the need for baby fences until now!  She is busy all of the time.  She wants to stand up and pull up on everything and then she gets bored and will crawl on to the next item.  She now eats about 2 1/2 jars of baby food a day and enjoys almost every bite!  She loves music and will wave her hands in the air when she gets really excited. 
Tayden is now moving from sitting up to being on his tummy with ease.  He rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy as well.  He sees sister pull up and he tries his very hardest to do the same by grabbing my shirt and pulling.  He is getting quite good!  He now eats about 3 jars of baby food a day and can wipe out a jar in about 2 minutes!  He loves music as well and smiles from ear to ear when we sing to him.  He loves playing with his red hammer, or should I say banging his red hammer on other objects.  It is only a matter of time until he is crawling all over as well.
My goal for the two weeks I will be off is to successfully transition the twins to sleeping in their cribs.  They are getting to where they can twist their way out of their Nap Nannies, so I know that it is time.  We have been researching dual video monitors so that I can see them and hear them from our room.  I am hoping that this will give me peace of mind.  They are still sleeping through the night - which is very nice!
Tim lost his very dear friend PK Benton last week.  PK was such a wonderful man!  He sent Tim cards often telling him how much he appreciated their friendship and he always included scriptures.  PK recently celebrated his 40th birthday and was greatly looking forward to the birth of his unborn child.  He went to sleep on Monday evening and didn't wake up on Tuesday morning.  This tragic loss was a painful reminder of just how fragile life is.  I originally learned this lesson when my dad died unexpectedly, but there have definitely been times since then that I have been guilty of taking the great gift of life for granted.  Tim flew to Louisiana to attend the funeral and said that it was a very moving service celebrating the life of a wonderful Christian man.  Please keep PK's family in your prayers, especially his wife, son, and unborn daughter.  

She always goes after the remote!

Crawling like crazy!