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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pulmonologist Follow-up, Swallow Study, and Synagis #4

Cousin Payton's cake

What is this?

Help - we're trapped

Tayden jumped himself to sleep

Precious smile

Brooklyn wanted to help daddy open his Valentine's gift

Double trouble

My gifts

Tayden trying to get out of yet another gate

Brooklyn showing off her two chompers

He's on the move

Our after dinner entertainment

Brooklyn in her new carseat
The twins have had several doctors' visits as they approach their first birthday.  Last week Tim and SueSue took them to Plano for their 4 month follow-up with the pulmonologist.  Tayden weighed in at a whopping 23 lbs. and Brooklyn was 21 lbs. 10 ounces.  He said that both babies lungs look great.  He took them off of the Nexium that they take for reflux!!!  So for the first time in almost a year the twins are not taking medicine to treat their reflux - great progress!!  So far they have done very well without it.  He also reduced their inhaler from 4 puffs a day to 2 and plans on completely taking them off of it at their next visit.  This would mean that they were medicine free!  He did recommend that the twins have another swallow study now that they are eating solids and to see how they do with thinner liquid.  We are still using Simply Thick to thicken their formula.
Yesterday, Tim and SueSue took the twins to Grapevine for the swallow and food study.  They both passed with flying colors!  They tolerated thin liquid very well so we are now able to cut back on the Simply Thick and soon completely discontinue it!  The speech therapist that did the study suggested we give them table food as often as possible.  She stressed the importance of getting the babies to eat what we eating and to make meal times an important family event.  Last night we followed her advice and got out the other high chair and had our first family dinner around the table.  The twins ate some of everything.  They LOVE table food!!!  They are pretty good at feeding themselves, but it does get very messy.
Today, Tim and SueSue took the twins to the doctor for their fourth Synagis shot.  Tayden weighed in at 23 lbs. 5 oz. and Brooklyn weighed in at 21 lbs. 15 oz.  They handled their shots like pros - only one more to go next month! 
So the theme of the past few weeks has been doctors' visits and big leaps forward.  I hate that I am not able to go the appointments, but I am so glad that Tim and my mom can go and relay all of the important messages to me.  My nephew Payton turned 1 on the 9th.  We all went to his birthday party and enjoyed watching him eat cake for the first time.  We also enjoyed watching the Super Bowl, but were hoping for a different outcome.  There's always next year!  Tayden has left the army scoot behind and is now crawling like crazy!  He and Brooklyn chase Sambo every evening, and they usually catch him.  We got Tim a set of carseats for his car and we put Brooklyn in one to test it out tonight.  She loved it and we got her to say BEEP, BEEP.   
We had a great Valentine's Day.  Tim took me out to dinner at Del Frisco's on Sunday and it was delicious.  On Monday, we stayed at home and had dinner with my mom.  Tim and the kids got me The Pioneer Woman Cookbook and an embroidered apron for my birthday/Valentine's.  I do love to cook - when time permits, so this was the perfect gift.
One year ago Wednesday (15th) I was admitted to the hospital for bedrest.  I was worried throughout my pregnancy about getting the twins as close to term as possible, and on that day my worst fears were confirmed - they would be born prematurely.  Specialists came in and out of my room to let me know what issues we could be facing if the twins were born at that time.  For three nights I laid awake at night - my mind racing about the what ifs.  I know that God watched over me my entire pregnancy, but I felt His presence most of all those three nights.  Those three nights would mark the end of one phase of my life and the beginning of a journey I never thought possible.