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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sesame Street Live

I cannot believe that it is already March!!! The weather has been beautiful and it seems like we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer. The twins have been doing really well and have stayed healthy except for Brooklyn having a minor rash for a few days. We switched them from whole milk to 2% and she broke out in huge whelps all over her face, back, arms, and torso, so we quickly went back to whole milk.

Our new ECI coordinator came last week and said that she firmly believes that if they assessed the twins now, they would no longer qualify for services, but since their annual review isn’t until June, we will continue until then due to the company being understaffed. Our occupational therapist will come 3-4 more times before the review to “play” with the kids. She said there really isn’t anything to work with them on, so she enjoys sitting in the floor and interacting with them.

Brooklyn still talks up a storm and will say 3-4 word phrases and sentences. Her favorite things to say are, “I don’t know,” “Bye bye, see ya next time,” “Thank you Rooklyn,” and “Later.” She loves to be the center of attention and will quickly redirect anyone who is talking or playing with Tayden to her. She has an intense desire to know that you heard what she said, so she will repeat herself until she is acknowledged. She loves to dance and whenever she hears music she will take our hands so that we can dance with her. She likes to play “pockets” (Ring Around the Rosie) and hide-and-seek. She laughs hysterically when we tickle her and when Tayden does funny things. We bought her new, pink shoes this weekend and she carried the shoes (no box) all over the mall. When we tried to put them away, she would get very upset. She kept saying, “Cute!”

Tayden is saying 3-4 word phrases and sentences as well. He likes to say, “Paci is?” “I don’t know,” “Mommy work?” and to ask for all of his books. He loves to make his serious face and be very inquisitive. He loves to stand on my lap and balance. He will hold both hands up in the air and then fall back for me to catch him. He loves to dance as well and can sing really well. He has fallen in love with his dump truck and blocks and will always say, “Tall, tall tower,” as he builds. He will play hide-and-seek with Brooklyn and I and will laugh when we find him. Developmentally, he is now walking up and down stairs with assistance and has started to run!!!!

We have decided to put them in a Mother’s Day Out (Father’s Day Out according to Tim) program next Fall at a church very close to our house. Our friends from the NICU send their twin boys there and have highly recommended it. Tim and I met the director and toured the school last week. We were very impressed and think that it will be great for the twins to start making friends. They will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am – 2 pm and have Bible lessons, crafts, music, and lots of learning. The registration opens tomorrow morning between 7:30 – 7:45 am so I will be the crazy mom waiting outside the church at 6:30 am to make sure we get in. There are only 7 spaces left for 2 year olds. Please say a prayer that we get two of those spots!

Yesterday we braved the crowds and took the kids to see Sesame Street Live! We bought the tickets months ago and had been really talking it up to the twins for the last week or so. All day Saturday, Brooklyn practiced saying, “Hi Elmo, I’m Brooklyn.” They were very excited and as we made our way to Grand Prairie Tayden sang, “Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, make it simple….” We arrived at the theater and found our seats, that were front and center! Brooklyn was excited, but Tayden was a little apprehensive. His little lip was quivering and he wasn’t sure what to expect. He sat in my lap as the show began. The characters quickly filled the stage and Brooklyn was screaming, “Yea!!!! Hi Elmo, Hi Cookie, Hi Abby, Hi Bert, Hi Ernie….” Every 3 – 4 minutes she would scream “YEA!!!!” with both hands in the air. Everyone in our section got a big kick out of her excitement and it was contagious. Tayden stayed nervous until intermission and would ask me where each character went when they disappeared from the stage. He was genuinely concerned. At intermission he got out of my lap and loosened up. By the time the show started back he was turning in circles and singing a long to all of the songs. Neither of them wanted to sit down, so they stood, stomped their feet, clapped their hands, and cheered along. Tim and I watched them in pure awe. They were so excited and loved every single minute of the show. We never imagined how fun a “kid” show would be and how awesome it would be to experience everything through Brooklyn and Tayden’s eyes. It was a GREAT weekend and I’m counting down the days until my Spring Break – 4 to be exact!

Brooklyn's Dora doll

Gift cards

Little People Cars

Water bottles from party

Eating a chocolate cookie and he didn't like the chocolate - it ended up on his nose

She loved the chocolate

The shirt Dada brought her from Beverly Hills

Rash on her face - poor girl

Tayden's Hollywood shirt

Wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses

the stage