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Sunday, June 10, 2012

2 Year Check-Up, Letters Gg, Hh, Ii, and Jj

I tried to post pictures with no luck!! Check back soon... I have fallen behind on my posting due to the insanity of May! I survived the end of the school year! I will be in the same room next year, so I was able to spend my time getting all of the Literacy materials to their new storage location and move most of the Special Ed. materials over to my room. It is a little bit overwhelming to look through all of these materials that are a bit foreign to me. The current Special Ed. teacher has been WONDERFUL!!! She has walked me through many of the materials, the ARD process, her handy dandy binder where she keeps all of the IEPs, and they even made notes for me so that I will know what level each of the students ended the year on, so that I can start there in the Fall. I have some very big shoes to fill and I know that I will be making many phone calls to this amazing teacher. She is starting her own school for children with special needs and I wish her the very best in this venture. God opened a door for her, which opened a door for me - crazy how things work! I have easily made the transition of being at home with the twins all day, every day and I LOVE IT!!!! The kids are doing extremely well!!! They are getting into everything!!! Our house was baby-proofed, but they have busted through the drawer locks and tonight, five minutes after Tim installed a lock on our freezer, they had worked together to remove it! They say the funniest things and keep us laughing. When changing an especially dirty diaper, I often times make the comment, "What did you eat?" The other day I was changing Tayden and Brooklyn leaned down to his face and said, "What did you eat?" Tonight, after removing the freezer lock, they managed to remove the handle from the entire freezer. I put it on top of the fridge and she opened the double doors - causing it to fall. She calmly said, "Holy Moly!" She loves to give hugs and say hello and is all about telling us what she is doing. She will say, "I climbing, I jumping, I hopping, I playing, I eating." She still loves putting on her tutu and dancing around the living room. She has mastered the art of being adorable when getting in trouble. I will be scolding her and she will close her eyes while flashing the cutest smile ever, or hug me and say, "So cute!" Where does she learn these things??? Tayden is obsessed with learning in any shape or form. We watch educational videos on YouTube, read books, and work puzzles all day long. He wants to know the name of everything and says things daily that amaze us. He will say, "T is for Tayden, M is for Mommy, D is for Dada, B is for Booklyn (no r), and S is for SueSue." Last weekend he was playing in the front yard and got bit by a mosquito multiple times. These bites quickly swelled up. I got concerned and took him to the new Pediatric Urgent Care by our house. I was filling out the paperwork and the lady asked me how to spell his name. When I finished he walked over to the window and said, "Brooklyn, Brotqug." It was precious!! He loves his sister so much and always wants to make sure that she is included. The doctor said that he was having an allergic reaction to the bites and that we should give him Benadryl every 4 hours and keep the bites covered to keep him from scratching as much as possible. They are much better now! My mom came over for dinner a few nights ago and he picked up her bottle of water and started to pour it on himself. My mom heard the water, turned to him and said, "What in the," to which he responded, "world?" Needless to say there is never a dull or quiet moment in our house. There is a lot of laughter and a lot of talking, and I wouldn't have it any other way! We took the twins in for their 2 year check-up on Friday. When they had RSV in February, Dr. Hunt told us to wait until summer to come back, so that is what we did. She couldn't believe her eyes. She first met the twins at 5 lbs. and 7 lbs. and now they are each over 30 lbs. When we first took Brooklyn to the office for her first shots (two days after being released from the NICU), the nurse commented that she was the smallest baby she had ever given a shot to - boy have things changed! Both twins got an excellent bill of health - answered prayer!!!! She gave us their percentiles compared to other 30 weekers, and then we also asked for the percentiles comparing the twins to 40 weekers (toddlers their same age who went full term). We were pleasantly surprised!!! Here are the breakdowns: Brooklyn - 35.6 pounds, 35.5 inches tall Percentiles for 30 weeker: Weight - 99% and Height - 87% Percentiles for 40 weeker: Weight - 98% and Height - 71% Tayden - 32.7 pounds, 33.2 inches tall Percentiles for 30 weeker: Weight - 91% and Height - 18% Percentiles for 40 weeker: Weight - 86% and Height - 9% (she assured us that we should not be alarmed about his height, and that he will get a growth spurt very soon).