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Sunday, February 17, 2013

January and Early February

I am over a month behind in posting!!!  Work has been busy and by the time we get the kids down each night, I end up falling asleep before getting around to anything on my list.  We did have the twins' 3rd birthday party today and before I posted all of those pictures (tons), I wanted to post pics of the last month.

The twins' have slowly rebounded from their bout with RSV.  The cough is still slightly lingering and usually rares its head at bedtime.  The kids still love school and their friends.  As soon as I walk in the door on Tuesdays and Thursdays they want me to sit in the floor so they can empty their backpacks and show me all of the things they did that day.  I love listening to them tell me about what they learned and all of the fun that they had.  We are looking to add another Mother's Day Out program next year on Mondays and Wednesdays so that Tim can work more during the day and not so much in the evenings.  Registration starts for many of the programs around here in early March, so we are praying that we find another great school that they will love as much as they love Kids, Inc.

Brooklyn never ceases to amaze me.  Her little sassy side is fully emerging and cracks me up.  She told me this morning that she needed her fingernails painted pink before her party.  She did get her first haircut a few weeks ago. She was a big girl and sat in the chair like a pro. Her hair seems much curlier now.  Anytime she is around someone new she starts out being very shy, shrugging her shoulder and smiling from ear to ear.  Then, she quickly transforms into their new best friend and wants to talk their ear off.  She is extremely observant and remembers everything.  She knows almost all of her letters and sounds and has mastered colors and shapes.  She loves book time and will often get the book we just read and sit with it in her lap "reading" phrases that she remembers.  She has become quite polite and will often times say, "Thank you, no thank you, your welcome, please, etc."  She will laugh out loud when something is funny and is dramatic when she is upset.  She wants everyone in the room to know why she is not happy.  The things that come out of her mouth make me laugh hysterically.  This week she told me she could see my nose straws (nostrils) and when I was wiping her (after she went potty) she said, "Mommy, don't mess with my business!"  We have talked about how our bodies are private, so I am glad she grasps that concept, but I had to explain that there are a few exceptions.  She always tells me that SueSue is my mommy and that she loves me very much.  Such a tenderhearted little girl!!!

Tayden is equally amazing.  He is becoming more "boy" each and every day.  He wants to climb, explore, disassemble, construct, and rip everything he comes in contact with.  When he meets someone new, he gets super nervous and does this strange little dance - hilarious.  He is now able to rhyme and spell at least 5 words.  He wants to know what everything says.  He adores puzzles and can assemble a 24 piece box on his own after we do it together once.  If Brooklyn is helping him, he will get very frustrated if she doesn't put pieces in the correct spot.  He enjoys I Spy books and wants me to tell him what to find.  He usually has good manners, but will still say, "No!"  Then quickly replies, "Yes ma'am," once he sees my evil eye.  The other night we had chicken fingers and he wanted another.  I told him that we were out of chicken fingers and he asked, "Do we have chicken hands?"  He wants to do everything "all by myself," - very independent, but will still snuggle with me when he is tired or sad.  He fell asleep on my chest one night this week and as I walked him to his bed, I got very emotional realizing that my baby boy is not a baby anymore.  The days of him falling asleep on mommy are few and far between. 

Our new playroom is finished!!!!!  Tim spent many hours working on this addition so that we could have more space for the kids to play and they LOVE IT!!!  He did an amazing job and I am so proud of him.  We still have some things that we need to hang on the walls, but overall it is finished and GREAT!!!  We went to IKEA and bought some storage units to organize all of the kids' stuff.  We gave each tub a label and are working on putting our toys back where they go.  It is great for them to have a big space to play and make a mess, that isn't in the middle of our living room.

Business is going well for Tim!  He sold a house today and has many more in the works!  The Lord is definitely blessing him!  I am still loving my new job.  I stay busy and am always on the move.  I am learning so much about district and state testing.  I completed my first big round of testing - Stanford / Aprenda, a few weeks back.  Every student in K-5 grade took the test and my Dual Language students had two test booklets each!!!  It was a bit stressful, but I survived!  I did get a small papercut unloading the test booklets.  It began to swell and was very painful.  Once I started running a fever I headed to CareNow.  The doctor said that it was a staph infection and gave me a shot because it was so swollen.  I also had to take antibiotics for 10 days.  I wasn't aware that being a testing coordinator could be so dangerous!

Check back soon for Valentine's Day pictures and birthday party pictures!


The playroom in progress

Brooklyn's 1st haircut

The finished product - We added some product to tighten the curls when we got home.

Tayden's new haircut

Tayden's spelling practice

The flooring

One of our family projects was to make playdough

My first canvas picture