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Sunday, July 25, 2010

5 Months Old

We bought this onesie in Alaska last summer, before I was even pregnant!
Daddy with the twins
She was laying back relaxing the whole time
Last week the babies were 5 months old!!!  Their reflux has improved even more and since my last posting there have been a few small episodes, but no big ones.  It broke my heart to read in the paper this week about a 17 year old mother who was caught trying to suffocate her 4 month old son who was in the hospital due to severe reflux.  Her response was, "It will make my life easier."  If only she could understand that it hurts him much more than it could ever bother her.  On the same page of the paper was the story of the mother in Irving who strangled her two children because they had autism and were not "normal."  What is this world coming to?  Tayden had his first session with the occupational therapist this week and it went very well.  She was impressed with the progress he had made since her initial evaluation the week before.  He is holding his head up much better and she gave us some more exercises and stretches to do with him.  Both babies have discovered their hands and love to put them in their mouths.  I haven't yet determined if this means that they are teething or about to start.  We went swimming tonight and the babies seemed to like it even more.  It is hilarious to look at their diapers when they get out.  They are huge and probably weigh 10 pounds on their own.  I am about to start my last full week at home before going back to work.  I had a whole list of things to get done over the summer, and I haven't accomplished any of them.  So, needless to say I will be cramming projects into each day.  We did have someone call to come and see the house and after we scrambled to clean up, they called to cancel!!!  UGH!!  Tim keeps telling me that we aren't going to buy anything else until the house sells, but then somehow we find things that the babies must have (hehe) and then realize once we buy them that we have no where to put them.  Have a great week!