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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sitting Up

Brooklyn in her bumbo (her daddy picked the hat)
Brooklyn and Titan
Tayden in his bumbo
Brooklyn sitting up by herself!!!
The three musketeers
We survived our family pictures last weekend and as soon as I have them I will post them.  It was definitely an experience!

Brooklyn has started to sit up on her own!  She will sit for a few minutes and then slowly start to lean to the side and crash.  She is still being very particular about eating baby food.  On Thursday I gave her bananas mixed with oatmeal and she actually ate about half of a jar - so I think we have found something she likes.  She continues to be very verbal and coos and laughs most of the day.  We weighed her this week and she was 17 pounds 3 ounces.

Tayden is doing great with his tummy time.  He is holding his head up like a champ, but he still has the tendancy to lean it to one side.  Tim continues to do his neck stretches with him each day.  He absolutely LOVES baby food of any kind.  He will eat it warm, cold, with oatmeal or straight out of the jar.  Tayden has become as verbal as his sister and especially comes to life at night with lots of laughing and cooing.  When we weighed him he was 16 pounds. 

Both babies have cut back from 5 bottles a day to 4 larger ones.  We are feeding them baby food 1-2 times a day.  They usually take 1 or 2 good naps during the day and then go to bed between 10 - midnight.  They both sleep all the way through the night until about 9 a.m.  Tim still enjoys being home with them and the bond he has with them is amazing.  They love their daddy!!! 

Our house did show once this week and the feedback was the same as always.  Beautiful flooring, great backyard, tiny kitchen!!!   UGH!!!!  Please continue to pray that our house will sell in a timely manner!