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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Future Wildcats

Tim dressed  Brooklyn in Tayden's clothes.  Reminded me of when my dad did this to me and I didn't even have a brother.
Brooklyn holding her bottle (for a few seconds).
Cousin Payton inspecting Tayden.
Tayden and Payton

My mom went to Abilene recently for my Nana's birthday and bought the twins their first ACU t-shirts.  I can definitely see a lot of purple and white in their future!  I have gotten into the swing of being back at work and I only call a few times during the day to check on Tim and the babies.  Tim is still really enjoying being at home, which gives me great comfort during the day.  We have added fruit to food rotation and of course Tayden loves it.  Brooklyn seems to like it a little more than veggies, but still does her share of gagging and spitting.  The babies have grown so much that they are now wearing 6 month clothing.  When I was pregnant we bought Steeler onesies for the babies that were 6 months.  When they were born I remember looking in the closet and thinking that they would  never fit in clothes that big, but now they will be able to wear them on opening weekend to root on Pittsburgh!  This Saturday we are having 6 month pictures taken.  It has been a real challenge to coordinate outfits, but I think we are ready.  Have a great rest of the week!


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