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Thursday, November 18, 2010

9 Months Old

I am a few days late on my posting - my computer has been acting up!  The twins had their 1st Synagis shot last Wednesday.  They were having a great time playing before the shot.  Who knew that the paper on the exam table could be such a great toy!  When they came in to give the shots, the fun was over.  They had to stick both babies twice - once in each leg!  Tim and SueSue said that it was awful.  The babies were looking at them like - PLEASE HELP ME!!!  We haven't any terrible side effects.  The babies have been a bit more fussy and at times they don't eat as well as normal.  At the visit Brooklyn weighed 19.8 and Tayden weighed 19.2.  He is closing in on her!! 
Each day the twins seem to have more energy and be more active than the day before.  Brooklyn is on the verge of crawling.  She pulls up on us constantly and loves standing up.  She will walk quite a ways holding onto our fingers.  She is very verbal - always screaming or laughing.  We often play in the playroom and she will scoot over to Tayden and grab whatever toy he is playing with.  I will give him another toy and she does the same thing.  We will be learning how to share very early on!  Tayden had his monthly session with the occupational therapist last Tuesday, and she was again amazed at his progress and how well he is sitting up by himself.  He loves playing with his red hammer and his crinkly book.  He is becoming more and more verbal and laughs out loud all of the time - it is precious! 
SueSue and Mimi (my sister Jamie) kept the twins on Friday night so that Tim and I could have date night (thank you!!!!). When Jamie came in, Brooklyn was convinced it was me and got sad when she realized it wasn't. Even after we got home she would look at Jamie and then at me, very confused. I went grocery shopping on Saturday and seeing all of the holiday baking displays, it hit me that it is almost Thanksgiving! I am so excited!!! I have all of next week off and will cherish every day at home with Tim and the babies. On Monday, Tayden will have his 6 month check-up with the cardiologist and then we are having their 9 month pictures taken that afternoon by my dear friend Ann Marie.  I cannot believe that the twins are already 9 months old.  I wish there was some way to make time move in slow motion!