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Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Babies

The twins are doing great and are more active than ever!  Brooklyn is now pulling up on everything and wants to be standing up at all times.  She can scoot on her tummy in all directions and can even roll from back to front and front to back.  Tayden has fallen in love with the jumper and can literally jump for 30-45 minutes without stopping.  It is hilarious to watch his little legs jump - we only wish the jumper had a silent mode.  He is now turning from his tummy to his back and moving his head from side to side more than ever.  Both babies grab their feet and put them in their mouth - a true talent!  They actually put anything they can grab in their mouth.  They have started noticing the tv more and love Yo Gabba Gabba.  Brooklyn will scream at the tv when the real kids dance.  The time change doesn't seem to have affected them much.  For the past two weeks or so they have been waking up a little earlier than usual in the mornings for their 1st feeding, but go right back to sleep after eating.  They are eating baby food twice a day and can eat about 1 1/2 - 2 jars each.  Brooklyn has become much better about eating solids.  She does have a pretty bad gag reflex, so sometimes things come right back out.  The twins usually take one good nap a day and we are getting them to sleep between 9 and 10. 
We found out last week that we did receive the grant for the Synagis shot!!!!  This was such an answered prayer.  These shots are super expensive ($2,000+ per month per baby), but insurance DOES cover them!!!  The grant basically pays a huge part of our deductible, so that our out-of-pocket cost is very minimal, compared to what it could've been.  The babies will get their first shots this Wednesday, and will get one each month until March.  We are very eager to see how much they weigh.  Brooklyn seems to have grown taller, and based on our scales is still lingering around 20 pounds.  Tayden has almost caught her!
A few weeks ago I noticed a cyst on my wrist.  I had an MRI last week and they confirmed that I have a ganglion cyst and tears in my cartilage.  I am scheduled to see the hand surgeon in December to see if I will need surgery.  I need to start practicing taking care of the babies one handed so I will be prepared!
Please keep the babies in your prayers as they get their first Synagis shot this week.  We pray that they never get the illness, but we feel like this protection is a vital key to their long-term health and growth.



Brooklyn was not happy wearing her dinner

Wanna kiss?

1st time wearing outfit - already too small

Tayden in his jumper