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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tayden's Big Day

We ask for your prayers for Tayden tomorrow as he is having an MRI on his head.  We are checking in at 6:15 a.m. and he is one of the 1st patients, so his procedure should start around 7:00.  They will have to sedate him to keep him still for the 30 minutes that he is in the MRI tube.  I am a little anxious about this since he has never been sedated before.  He will be in recovery with a nurse until he wakes up and then they will move him to the 2nd recovery room where Tim and I can be with him.  They should have his results to us on Tuesday.  We have been praying about this for quite a while now and we know that he will do well - he has proved many times just how strong he is!  Please pray for our sweet little guy - that he will do well with the anesthesia and procedure and that the results will all be normal.  Please also pray for Tim and I to be strong tomorrow and to have patience and peace as we await the results. 
The twins continue to do well.  Brooklyn is crawling faster and further now.  She has started waving hello and bye-bye.  Tayden is so close to crawling - he is scooting and rolling everywhere.  His occupational therapist came last Monday and said that he is making excellent progress.  She had given us a few goals for the month and he met all of them!  Brooklyn was in the exersaucer for half of the visit and when we put her on the floor she took the opportunity to showcase all of her tricks.  The therapist commented that they are both excelling exceptionally well in the verbal expression department.  I wonder where they get that from???  We did make a trip to Dallas yesterday to get a video monitor with two cameras.  Tim got them all mounted in the nursery and we anticipate tomorrow night being their first night to sleep in their beds.  Please also pray for this venture - for the twins to feel comfortable in their cribs and sleep well and for mommy to not worry all night long.
We had the three best babysitters in the world (SueSue, Lolly, and Mimi) on Friday night and I was able to take Tim out for his birthday at the Melting Pot in Addison.  We almost didn't make our reservation because I ran out of gas, once again, on the way home from work.  I was able to coast to a side street off of the highway and my sister Lauri (aka Roadside Rescue) arrived with gas.  My nephew Landon did take the opportunity to give me a hard time.  "Sissa, doesn't your car tell you when you are about to run out of gas?"  When I got home I quickly laid out pajamas, formula, diapers, etc. I threw on clothes and we jumped in the car to fight rush hour traffic.  When we got to the restaurant I went to the restroom and when I looked in the mirror I realized that I had put on two shirts and a jacket.  I guess that "Mommy Mode" has officially set in.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I will post again as soon as we have results.