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Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st Birthday Party

Yes, I know it is hard to believe that I posted twice in one weekend, but I have had a lot to share.  The twins' 1st birthday party was a great success.  We went with the jungle theme - symbolic of their wild first year of life.  They loved opening their presents and playing with the tissue paper.  They weren't quite sure what to make of their cakes at first, but before long - Brooklyn was going full speed ahead.  Tayden tried a little and wasn't much of a fan.  They made quite the mess!  I will be posting more pictures when I get them from my sister and aunt.  We hope everyone has a GREAT week!

Brooklyn and Nurse Stephanie (their primary NICU nurse)

Tayden's cake

Smash cake

Brooklyn's cake

Smash cake

Brooklyn's crooked bottoms

Tayden and Daddy

Brooklyn and Aunt Mimi

Tayden and Nurse Stephanie

Singing to Brooklyn

Singing to Tayden

Let the party begin

I'll eat it if I have to

Tayden - what kind of cake do you have over there?

Brooklyn - I can't believe you are still eating that stuff

Tayden - Let me have a bite of your cake

Do you have enough pictures yet?

Do I have any cake on my face?