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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moooove Over Formula

Sleepy girl

We had to put this tote here to keep the babies out of the kitchen.

Precious smile

Brooklyn on her car

Eating mac and cheese

Brooklyn wearing her dinner
I can't believe it has been so long since my last post - I am slipping!!  So much has changed now that the twins are one.  We have completely switched to whole milk, which means NO MORE FORMULA!!!  This is saving us about $10 a day!!  We have really been trying to give the babies table food - whatever we are eating, so we use jar food much less.  They still love mac and cheese!  They also eat taco meat, beans, rice, Chick-fil-a nuggets, eggs, and yogurt.  We have yet to find a food that they don't like.  At the end of last month the babies had their 1 year vaccines.  Brooklyn weighed in at almost 22 pounds and Tayden was at 23 pounds.  They both developed fevers from the shots and we had a few rough days.  Then almost two weeks after the shots, Tayden developed a terrible rash all over his body and face.  He was miserable and wouldn't sleep longer than about 30 minutes.  This happened during the weekend, so we called the doctor and she told us that it was a reaction to the MMR shot.  1 in 20 kids get this rash 10-14 days after the vaccine.  We used lots of Benadryl and Calamine, but after a few days it cleared up.
Brooklyn is just as active as ever.  She will stand on her own for long periods of time, but when we try to get her to walk she reverts to crawling.  She is still a light sleeper and now wakes up a few times in the night.  (The time change has not been so great).  When I pick her up to comfort her she will pat my shoulder - so very precious!!!!  She loves dancing and chasing Sambo around the living room and tries to pull his tail.  She has started pointing and will say hey, yea, dada, and mama. 
Tayden is changing daily and is starting to catch up to his sister in many ways.  He will stand on his own for a few seconds and then laugh.  We are curious to see who will walk first.  He is still a wonderful sleeper and usually does not make a peep during the night - sleeping for 11-12 hours straight.  He always seems to be smiling and it is the cutest smile I have ever seen.  Everytime I get my camera out he really turns on the charm - he gets this from his dad!  He will say dada, mama, this, and that.  He has started pointing as well and has discovered his nose - where he likes to put his finger.  We had an OT visit on Monday and she could not believe how much he has changed since the end of January.  She said that he is making GREAT gains!
Both of the babies still love Sesame Street.  They also love their train, car/walker, books, and their shape sorter.  We have established a two hour nap time from around 2-4, which gives us a little break to do things around the house.  I have loved being off this week.  I don't think I have left the house or gotten out of my pajamas, but there is no where else I would rather be.