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Thursday, March 24, 2011

5th and FINAL Synagis Shot

St. Patrick's Day

Breaking in the new stroller

Beautiful view

Driving the golf cart

On the saddle

Ride em' cowgirl

new hat from Aunt Sara

Pooped after the road trip home

Reading our Sesame Street books from Aunt Sara

Little Bunny Brooklyn

Mommy joined in the fun!

Sweet kisses

Sleeping back to back

The twins had their 5th and final Synagis shot yesterday!!!! Brooklyn weighed in at 22 lbs. 1 oz. and Tayden is 23 lbs. 10 oz. I had been a bit nervous that switching them to table food would impact their weight gain, but it definitely hasn’t. Brooklyn was extremely fussy last night. We assumed it was because she had a terrible diaper rash (her 1st one). The nurse practitioner checked her ears today only to find double ear infections!!! We will start her on antibiotics, and hopefully she will be feeling better very soon.

Over Spring Break we went to visit my Aunt Sara and Uncle Dean in Houston (Montgomery). We had a wonderful time and got to catch up on our rest! We were able to watch a few movies and Tim even went fishing. The babies loved riding around the property on the golf cart, but the highlight of their vacation was the wagon. We must have walked 20 miles pulling them in the wagon and each time was a new adventure. Thank you so much for having us Sara and Dean!!!

Both babies are pointing at things, saying yeah, and turning the lights on and off. Every time we enter or leave a room, we must stop so that they can show off their skills. They have been giving each other kisses and the other night they even slept back-to-back for awhile. It is so much fun to observe their interactions. Each one is so very precious!