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Saturday, April 16, 2011

14 Months Old - March for Babies

Today was a GREAT day.  Tim, Brooklyn, Tayden, SueSue, Mimi, Payton, and I walked the 3.2 mile (We really think it was closer to 5 miles) March for Babies for the March of Dimes.  We had decided yesterday evening, after seeing the sky fill with smoke from the wild fires at Possum Kingdom, that Tim would stay home with the babies so that they would not be exposed to the smoke.  This morning when we woke up the wind was no longer gusting and the sky was clear so we packed up and all went - and I am so glad that we did.  The walk began at Farrington Field and ended at Trinity Park.  It was a nice route and we were able to walk along the Trinity River for part of the time.  The babies did very well - they didn't get fussy or sleep - they were too busy checking everything out.  At the beginning of the walk we saw our friends from the NICU - the Simon family:  Michelle, Kris, Will, and Alex.  The last time that we saw each other our babies were all very small and fragile and now they are so big and healthy.  It was confirmation of just how important it was for us to be there walking for healthy babies.  We saw so many families, each with their own story, representing a different child or children that had been touched by loss, birth defects, or prematurity.  Along the route their were banners highlighting some of these children.  It was extremely moving and another reminder of how blessed we have been on our journey.  It was very inspiring to see so many people walking to support a wonderful cause.  Our team - The Rowdy Russells - raised $250!  We are already looking forward to next year's walk.  I will begin recruitting walkers and fundraising earlier next year.  When we got back to the car we changed diapers in the back end of the car.  Brooklyn escaped into the car diaperless and made it far enough so that I could not reach her.  She then proceeded to tinkle and then stand in it - never missing a beat.  We will definitely be getting the back end of the car cleaned very soon! 

Earlier this week Tayden had his appointment with the neurologist.  Our pediatrician referred us just to make sure that someone who specializes in heads/brains confirmed her diagnosis that all is well.  Tim and Tayden met with the doctor and he did confirm that everything looks great.  He did look at the MRI scans from November and saw the same cyst that the radiologist had seen, but said that it is definitely benign and very common.  It should not cause him any problems.  He said that many people have this cyst and never know because they never have MRIs.  This good news was definitely an answered prayer!

The twins both continue to thrive.  Brooklyn is walking and talking more and more.  She can now pull herself up on the couch - YIKES!  Tayden is standing on his own more frequently and can now show us "1" with his fingers.  He is quite the flirt.  When ladies would talk to him on the walk he would start laughing and smiling.  At our post walk lunch he spent most of the time turned around in his highchair making googly eyes at the little girl behind us.  When Brooklyn finished eating lunch she laid back in her highchair and went to sleep.  They were pooped and we all took very good naps.  We hope everyone is having a great weekend!  We greatly appreciate everyone who donated to our team and those brave souls that walked with us today.  What a great new tradition!!!  Love you!  

In the box

Before the walk

Cousin Payton

Our team shirt

Water break

Daddy is always on-call

The Rowdy Russells

The end-of-walk festivities

Sleepy girl