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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Homecoming

sweet boy with bed head

sippy cup time

stealing sips from Sissy's sippy cup


Tayden breaking in the new walker

One year ago today we brought Brooklyn home after 49 days in the NICU.  Tayden followed a week later after 56 days.  This year has flown by!  God has blessed us each and every day and our faith is stronger today then it has ever been!

Sickness somehow snuck into our home and can’t seem to find the way out. About a week and a half ago Brooklyn started wheezing pretty bad. We started giving her breathing treatments hoping that it would not get any worse. She then got a full on hacking cough. This was extremely puzzling, due to the fact that she was still on antibiotics for her double ear infections at the end of March. We increased the frequency of her breathing treatments and started an antihistamine. Nothing seemed to work for her and then Tayden started coughing last weekend. So, Tim and SueSue made the trek to Dr. Hunt’s office on Monday to see what was going on. The verdict was that both kids have colds. They were prescribed oral steroids for a three day treatment. Brooklyn started feeling much better, but Tayden’s cough and low grade fever was lingering, so I took him back to the doctor yesterday.  The doctor said that he has bronchiolitis - respiratory infection.  He told us to continue with the breathing treatments and gave us a prescription so that we could continue giving Tayden steroids throughout the weekend.  He has gotten a lot of good rest and seems to be much better today!  I realized as I was checking out at the doctor that it was the first time in 14 months that I had ventured out in public by myself with one of the babies.  It was really strange to sit in the waiting room - just the two of us.  We have learned the lesson that when children get bad coughs there is usually a lot of puking involved. They will eat great meals and then start hacking and GAME OVER. One night this week this happened with both babies about an hour apart. Needless to say our house had a very unpleasant odor and a lot of dirty laundry!
At the doctor they weighed the babies, but Tim couldn’t remember the exact ounces. Brooklyn is 22 lbs. and Tayden is at 24 lbs. Both babies spend a great deal of time standing up these days. Brooklyn has taken a few steps here and there, but then she will get nervous and start crawling. Tayden will stand and dance in place – hilarious! They love pushing their walker back and forth across the living room (especially Tayden). It is funny to watch their little legs in motion.  Brooklyn will decide she wants to use the walker and she will crawl over and grab Tayden's shirt or hair with both hands and pull him down.  I stop her and firmly say, "No, No," while shaking my finger.  She will shake her finger back at me.  My mom frequently reminds me that I was the very same way as a child.  Needless to say, I think that my upcoming reading list will include The Strong-Willed Child by Dr. Dobson.  Brooklyn is talking more and more each day.  She will say "Ah-oh," anytime that someone drops something - soooo cute!  Yesterday she started saying, "go."  Tayden loves to clap and sing.  He is my snuggler and will give kisses anytime I ask for them.  We got a few new toys this week - cars that Tayden loves to push around the living room, a 2nd walker, a basketball goal, and a Tickle Me Elmo.  The babies aren't sure quite what to think of him.  They will crawl over to him and laugh when he laughs, but when he starts shaking they get a little scared.

Next Saturday we are walking in the March for Babies, hosted by the March of Dimes to honor Brooklyn, Tayden, and all of the other babies and families we have met throughout our journey.  If you would like to donate on behalf of our team, please visit the link below.


Have a great weekend!