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Friday, June 17, 2011

16 Months Old - Schools Out for Summer

The trap

Nice hat (shape sorter) - the window has some paint on it, not dirt - I promise.

I have really fallen behind on my posting, but the end of the school year has been very busy.  I moved from an indoor classroom to an outdoor portable and then had an eight day institute that ended today!!!  I have 49 days off to be a full time wife and mom.  No alarm going off at 5:15 - fantastic!!!!  I plan to catch up on so many of the projects I have neglected the past few months like updating the baby books and photo albums, as well as reading many great books.

My girls night at the lake went great.  I forgot my camera, so I took a few pictures on my phone, but haven't uploaded them to the computer yet.  I need to do the same with some pictures from the trip to the park.

The twins are doing wonderful.  Both have been teething, so they are fussy every now and then, but otherwise they are super happy.  They are walking and talking more and more each day.  They have started really interacting with each other and it is hilarious to watch.  They love to climb in the toy tote together and make each other laugh quite often.  We did solve the problem with the tote that was blocking the entrance to the kitchen.  We tied one of our gates to the other gate!  It definitely keeps the twins confined to the living room.  My dear friend and co-worker gave us a Little Tyke slide that her children outgrew.  The babies have had more fun crawling up, sliding down, and sending random objects down the slide.  Tayden loves it so much that he screams with excitement.

We have transitioned down from 4 bottles a day to 2  bottles and 2 sippy cups.  My goal this month is to make the full switch to sippies.  We finally found some that they really like, so that will definitely help.  They are eating more and more and are up to about three meals and a snack.  They love toast, ravioli, pancakes, oatmeal, green beans, oranges, yogurt, pudding, and meat sticks. 

Tayden has his yearly evaluation with ECI this week.  We are praying that it goes well and that he will have made great progress.  I will post later this week about how the appointment goes.

I want to wish Tim a very Happy Father's Day!!!  He is such a wonderful father and husband.  I never had any doubts that he would be a good dad, but he has surpased every expectation and is a GREAT dad every day!  I felt so much comfort this past year knowing that he was home with the twins.  Our situation was a great blessing!!!  Tim, thank you for all that you do for our family!  We love you so much!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! 


Jen said...

They will have so much fun at the beach!!!