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Friday, May 20, 2011

15 Months Old

In the tote

We are starting them young!

Things have been going very well these last few weeks.  The twins have been healthy and happy, despite a few bouts with teething.  They are both walking all over the place and starting to talk more and more.  Both babies say book, ball, momma, dada, bye bye, and baba (bottle).  Tayden tries to repeat everything we say - which is so funny.  Today he starting saying hey baby.  We have been practicing counting to 10 and they will try and repeat the numbers.  They still love books and our nightly storytime.  We celebrated my sister's 30th birthday last weekend with dinner and a trip to the park.  It was the first time for any of the three babies to go to the park.  They loved swinging and sliding.  Brooklyn walked up and down the sidewalk and thought it was great fun.  Tayden's occupational therapist came this week and was thrilled to see him walking and talking.  She said that he has definitely closed the developmental gap in many areas and is very close in the others.  He will have his formal, yearly evaluation next month that will give us specific information as to where he is at on the developmental scale.  She suggested we start teaching them some sign language and let them explore scribbling with crayons.  We are in need of a toy overhaul.  A lot of their toys are no longer holding their attention, so we need to get a few more age appropriate toys like big blocks.  Brooklyn figured out how to not only climb on top of the tote keeping them out of the kitchen, but when we took the lid off to keep her from climbing, she discovered that she could get in the tote.  We now have two totes stacked on top of each other and she will try to pick up the fence and slide past it into the kitchen.  They are definitely always on the move!  We are slowly transitioning to sippy cups.  It has been a real challenge to find one that they both like.  They still love to eat and are now almost always eating what we are eating at that meal.  Their sleep schedule is still great.  They nap for 2-3 hours each day and then sleep from about 10:30-9:30.  I am really looking forward to the summer and having time off to spend with them each day.  My best friend Lindsy has invited me to spend the night at her lake house in Granbury tomorrow night.  It will be my first Girl's Night Out / overnight trip away from the babies.  I know that I will miss them, but they will be in good hands with Tim.  I am really looking forward to catching up with Lindsy and seeing her beautiful new house.  I will post pictures soon.  Have a great weekend!