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Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Vacation - Week #3

This week has been hot, hot, hot!!!!  To cool off, we got the twins a little pool and took them outside one evening to play.  They loved it and were pretty good about sitting down for the most part.  They tried to drink the water a few times and did a lot of splashing!!!  I am proud to announce that I did start working on the twins' baby books!  I have a lot left to do, but I did get a lot of stuff added.  They will be finished by the time I go back to work!

This is refreshing!

Titan checking things out.

Sitting on the side of the pool

Brooklyn realized she could hide in her shirt, but couldn't figure out how to get out and started crying - I had to get a picture!

Tayden peeking outside.

Silly face