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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Vacation - Week #5

New cup

banana on her face

close up

We love our new cups!

Last week was very uneventful.  We recovered from our vacation.  I know that sounds crazy, but in Galveston we were on the go a lot more than we are used to, so it took us a week to recoup.  The twins have both had stuffy/runny noses since we got home - yucky.  We did a lot of unpacking and napping. 

Tayden's occupational therapist came and his session went really well.  She brought a musical piggy bank and he loved putting the coins in and then opening the belly to take them all out.  We told her that he is still having trouble with sippy cups.  No matter which kind we give him, he doesn't swallow all of the liquid in each sip, so some comes squirting out.  She suggested the throw away cups with the straws.  I have been trying these at meal time and they seem to be working great!  He dribbles every now and then, but not nearly as bad as with sippies.  We still haven't found a sippy cup that either of them love more than their bottles, which we only give them in the morning and at bedtime.  We are working on breaking this habit! 

On Friday, Tim and I attended the wedding reception of two of my co-workers and then had date night thanks to SueSue.  We went to Uncle Julio's - YUMMY!!!  My friend is the manager there and I asked for her when we arrived.  She was off that day - moving into a new apartment.  I texted her to let her know we were at her spot and were sorry we missed her.  Before long, a man arrived at our table with numerous gift cards!!!!!!!!  What an awesome blessing - we were happily surprised!  She definitely made our whole week!  It was nice to enjoy a meal with Tim.

Brooklyn continues to climb on everything!!!  She has frog toes and no fear!  She loves to sing, chase Sambo, and put things in containers.  Tayden has learned (from his father) how to look in the mirror and point at himself while clicking his mouth.  Tim has done this for years and now he has passed this tradition on to his son.  LOVELY!!!  He loves to pet Titan, play with puzzles, and put the shapes in the shape sorter. 

As I was typing, Brooklyn started crying.  At that point we had put them down almost an hour prior.  She had thrown up all over herself and her bed.  I gave her a bath while Tim cleaned up the mess.  I got her back to sleep and made her a pallet on the floor.  She got up again and was sick again - not very much this time.  I am thinking we might be in for a long night.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Hope this is not a bug.