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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Thursday, we took the twins to visit Santa at Southlake Town Center.  The line wasn't bad at all - it took longer to find a parking spot and navigate all of the traffic.  While we waited in line we pointed Santa out to the babies and talked about how we were going to visit him.  When it was our turn, I warned the "elf" that she should take the picture quickly because it could get ugly very fast.  I handed Brooklyn to Santa first and she wasn't overly friendly, but didn't fuss.  Tayden, on the other hand, started crying as soon as I set him in the sleigh.  The elf quickly took her pictures and as soon as I picked Tayden up the tears stopped.  Poor little guy!!!  Our scanner has been acting crazy, but I will post the Santa photo very soon - it is priceless!!!

We still haven't heard back from the doctor regarding Tayden's MRI results.  I called the office twice on Friday and the first person told me that it is standard protocol to make a follow-up appointment, and that they were booked until the end of January.  The second person was much more helpful and had the scans in her hand.  She was sending them to the doctor at that very moment and said that if there had been a problem, the radiologist would have contacted them immediately - which was somewhat comforting.  She told us that we should hear back from their office on Monday or Tuesday and shouldn't need to come all the way back for the results.  Please keep praying that we get a good report.

Last night we went to SueSue's for our traditional tamale dinner.  SueSue's house was beautifully decorated for Christmas and she had quite a surprise for us.  She has been wanting to remodel one of her bedrooms to be a playroom for all of the grandchildren.  She had a grand reveal - and it is AMAZING!!!!  She did such a great job!!!  The kids loved playing in the room and hardly came out.  Tayden sat at the little table and played with the wooden food all night long.  After eating a delicious dinner we opened presents and played LRC (Left, Right, Center), a new game that my mom had bought.  It was a lot of fun!  The twins each got a glo worm from the Heaths, an aquadoodle mat and two new Polo shirts from the Hargroves, and SueSue got Brooklyn a beautiful doll, and Tayden a Little People garage.  When we got home we let the kids played with their new toys and read The Night Before Christmas.

We all slept in and then got up to see what Santa (Ho Ho as Brooklyn calls him), had brought.  When they walked into the living room, Brooklyn said, "WOW!"  They had a great time checking out all of their goodies and played with them for many hours.  After eating pancakes, we let them open the gifts from Tim and I.  These kept them busy for a few more hours.  It is hard to say what their favorites were, but Tayden definitely loves his broom, puzzles, and garage, and Brooklyn loves her baby dolls.  They both also love feeding Cookie Monster his cookies.  One of Brooklyn's dolls "eats" bananas and "drinks" a bottle.  At first she wanted me to hold the doll while she did the feeding, but by the end of the night she was holding her like a pro.  She even took her to bed at night night time.  I could here the baby eating and drinking for a few minutes before Brooklyn crashed.

It has been a great Christmas!  We loved spending time with family and carrying on traditions that have been important in our families for years.  I never imagined how fun it would be to relive my Christmas memories through the twins.  Watching their faces light up and seeing things through their eyes is truly precious and makes me feel like a child again.  We are truly blessed with a wonderful family, great friends, and two awesome children!!!  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Heading to see Santa

Brooklyn found the kite in the garage

SueSue's new playroom

This furniture was in my room when I was five years old - that makes it an antique right?

The wooden food

Lolly and Craig

Tayden, Payton, and Malley

Brooklyn giving Payton a kiss

I hit a button and the camera went into fuzzy mode - would've been a great picture

Tayden opening his Glo Worm with Uncle Joey

Brooklyn with her Glo Worm and new doll

Tayden opening his garage.  He loved unwrapping presents, and even unwrapped one that wasn't his.

A serious game of LRC

Tayden with Uncle Craig

Tayden and Payton

Mimi and Brooklyn

Brooklyn - such a lady-like pose

Brooklyn and Lolly

Checking out SueSue's pretty tree

Playing with their new aquadoodle
Brooklyn's Santa gifts

Tayden's Santa gifts

The haul

The Little People Zoo 
Brooklyn's doll from SueSue

Tayden's garage from SueSue

He loves to sweep!!!!!

Tayden took a turn feeding the baby

Playing with Zig the Big Rig

Talking into the new microphone

In the tent

Hide and Seek Sesame from Mommy and Daddy

Feeding Cookie Monster cookies