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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nana and Pawpaw / Presents from Grandma

* I forgot to mention in my last post that Tim and I were given two very unique gifts this Christmas from Lauri and Craig.  They got me a gas can (now why would they do that?), and gave Tim his Steelers license plate cover back.  We thought it had been stolen from our driveway seven months ago, but little did we know, the Hargroves took it at one of our family get togethers in May.  Too funny!!!  Now we are plotting our great revenge.

One of the highlights of my Christmas break so far was going to visit my Nana & Pawpaw in Abilene.  Pawpaw is out of the hospital and doing better!  He has good days and bad days with his energy levels, but I know he is glad to be at home.  The twins had a great time hanging out with their greatgrandparents and opening their presents from them.  One of the presents was an Elmo potty video in which several children share their words for going potty.  Tim and I got a great laugh on the way home listening to children shout peepee/poopoo, weewee/woowoo, piddle, tinkle, doodoo and doodie from the back seat.  Hilarious!!!  They also got a mini laptop, a letters/number game, and a new Magna Doodle.  I got to sneak in lunch at my favorite - Town Crier and the kids did really well.  We put them in booster seats in a booth and think that just might be the trick to quiet, less chaotic meals.  Thank you Nana & Pawpaw for the wonderful gifts and for letting us come and visit!!  We love you so much!

Tim went to visit his mom and brothers today and brought back a ton of gifts for the family.  Grandma got the twins new p.j.s, an electronic dog, counting maracas, and two rolling toys.  Grandma - you did a great job on the toys.  They love them!  Thank you so much!  We love you!!!

Recent funnies - Tayden has started saying, "Oh, Man," anytime he drops something - cutest thing ever!!!  Brooklyn's diapers had Diego on them and she calls them her go-go diapers.

Blessing - Tim has been offered a new job that will allow him to work from home!!!  He applied for the job before taking his current job, but they weren't hiring at the time.  He had a second interview last week and received his offer letter right before Christmas.  They will reimburse for home office expenses and he can work from the comfort of our home office.  What a blessing!!!!  No more driving home at 2:30 in the morning.  He should get finished around 9:00 so that he can hang out with us before bedtime.  God is so good!!!!

We are all feeling a little under the weather with the sniffles.  Please pray that we get better quickly so we can enjoy the rest of our Christmas break.  The kids have enough new toys to keep them busy for months and months.  Thank you so much everyone!!!

Opening presents from Nana & Pawpaw

the laptop

Pawpaw and Tayden

Sitting on Pawpaw's new scooter

Precious picture - Tayden looking at his Pawpaw

Letter / Number game

Brooklyn drawing on her Magna Doodle

Tayden and the Magna Doodle

Nana and Tayden

Nana and her greatgrandbabies

new dog from Grandma

the maracas

laptop from Nana & Pawpaw