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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was a wonderful birthday and Valentine's Day.  My co-workers bought me a delicious lunch and cupcakes!!  I got to come home and take a nice, long nap too!  Tim and I are planning on celebrating this weekend with a nice dinner out.  The twins were supposed to have their evaluation with ECI, but they have had recent cuts so we will have to wait a little while before they can get enough people to come at the same time.  The occupational therapist did still come and was again amazed at how well they are doing.  Brooklyn used the potty while she was here and Tayden wanted to show her how he knew all of the shapes.  The twins sang Happy Birthday to me several times and it was precious.  Tayden can sing most of the song and Brooklyn keeps saying, "Happy You!"  We gave them some little Valentine's goodies and let them both eat a cupcake.  Brooklyn jumped right in and ate the whole thing, but Tayden just picked at his.  We ended the night by eating breakfast for dinner - my favorite!  It was a wonderful day and I was reminded of just how lucky I am.  I have a wonderful family, great friends, precious children, and the most amazing husband ever!!!  God has blessed me with a life that is greater than any dream I ever imagined.

He loves stickers!

One of Brooklyn's many sink baths

You can see in her eyes that she feels bad

Making a Valentine for Daddy

Serious about coloring - using both hands