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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Facing the RSV GIANT

Whew!  Has it been a busy couple of weeks!  I am sad to report that the dreaded RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) we have feared for two years invaded our house, but happy to report that the twins got through the virus without being hospitalized!!  RSV is a virus that has symptoms of a bad cold.  Adults and older children can get it and have very little trouble.  If preemies get the virus it can be fatal because their lungs are already compromised from their early birth.  The fear of this virus is what led to our six month hibernation last year and our constant germexing.  Last year during RSV season the twins got a shot each month that would have lessened the severity of RSV, had they contracted it.  We are so fortunate that they did not get the virus during their first RSV season as it would have been much worse on their tiny little bodies.

Tayden came down the virus first about two weeks ago.  He was still coughing, but started running a fever of 103, and was very lethargic.  Tim was able to take him to see Dr. Hunt and she was convinced that it was RSV and an ear infection.  She told us that there is no medicine to treat the virus, but that we should treat the fever.  She also gave us strong cough medicine and an antibiotic for his ear infection.  He was very sick for almost a week, rarely playing,  and when he finally started showing signs of improvement that weekend, Brooklyn started running a high fever.  We tried to give her Motrin and Tylenol to lower her fever as well as starting her on Tayden's antibiotic, but she refused to take any medicine.  We tried putting it in her sippy, disguising it in a Sonic cup of slush, and one with 7-up, holding her down and squirting it in her mouth - which led to vomitting.  We ended up having to do FeverAll suppositories to manage her fever.  Tim took her to the doctor on Monday morning and she got the exact same diagnosis - RSV and an ear infection.  Tim begged for a shot so that we could get meds in her quickly, but the doctor wanted us to try doing the antibiotic by mouth (I DID NOT AGREE!)  In the meantime, Tim came down with a bad sinus infection and was preparing for his trip to Hollywood.  He left Wednesday morning and my wonderful, amazing, awesome mother came to stay with us.  By Wednesday afternoon Brooklyn was not eating and had not had any liquid all day.  Her tongue was like sandpaper from breathing through her mouth and her lips were chapped and swollen.  She would pick up food and her sippy and get it to her mouth, only to start crying.  She would just lay in our laps and sleep, which is definitely not like her.  I called the doctor back, explained the situation, and they asked to see her first thing Thursday morning.  The nurse did warn us to watch for signs of dehydration in the night and head directly to the ER if she got worse.  About 9:00 that evening she finally picked up her sippy and drank it all.  She was definitely parched!!!  I took her to the doctor on Thursday and this time they got serious and gave her two shots - 1 in each leg.  When the nurse came in, I started to pull her pants down and started crying and saying, "No!  Jammies!"  On the way back home I was already able to see signs of improvement.  That afternoon she was able to eat a little and drink a lot.  During Brooklyn's time with RSV, Tayden started waking up around 3:30 in the morning and screaming for up to 45 minutes.  It was so terrible to watch, because I knew that he was in pain.  The doctor said that the antibiotic was very strong and was giving him a tummy ache.  On Friday afternoon I took her back to the doctor to make sure that her ear looked better, and she got one more shot.  She is 100% better now and back to her old self.  She is eating like a champ and goes around saying, "Shock - better." (shot - feel better).  I did have the discussion with Dr. Hunt about being more agressive with shots in the future.  We know from experience that she will not take medicine and we can avoid the struggle and get her to feel better much sooner if she can get a shot.  Dr. Hunt did agree and explained that they like to use shots as a last resort, but agreed that for Brooklyn it needs to be part of the intial attack of any sickness.

Meanwhile, Tim was staying at his fancy hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, attending nice dinners with his bosses and co-workers, and seeing the sights of the city.  I know that he felt terrible for being gone when Brooklyn was so sick and he was very good about checking on her often - we even Skyped.  He still didn't feel great, so that made his trip a little less exciting - just a little!  I am so glad that he was able to get away and enjoy some "adult time."  He was very impressed with everyone that he met and with the company headquarters.

I could not have survived those three days without my mom.  She not only kept the twins all day, but cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, picked up toys, changed terrible diapers, gave the twins 3 sink baths per day (they begged for these), and got up with me in the night when Tayden was screaming.  She kept me laughing so that I did not go insane. She was and is a true blessing each and every day.  The twins love their SueSue and always ask where she is when they wake up and all throughout the day.   Thank you soooo much Mom!  I love you!!

 RSV was definitely a beast, but we are SURVIVORS!!!

Other then being sick, the twins are progressing very nicely!  Brooklyn now says - luv u, get down Rooklyn (when climbing up on totes), YES!, thank you, welcome, morrow, yater (later), yap (lap), and Sambo treat (she loves giving him treats).  Tayden will say I don't know, help you (translation - help me) and can sing Happy Birthday.  He loves playing on the Itouch and has gotten very good at several learning "games."  He constantly asks for his games from anyone that has a cell phone or Ipod device.  When he gets into something he shouldn't be in, he will say, "No ma'am," which he has heard me say to Brooklyn numerous times.  He loves shapes and bwoons (balloons).  He likes putting things in order (wonder where he gets that from??) and cleaning up all of the toys (definitely didn't get the cleaning gene from me).  They keep us laughing at all times and are little rays of sunlight each and every day.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, texts, and calls the past few weeks.  Your love and support make all things possible.  Love you!