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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthday Parties and Bicycles

We are settling in to the new routine of going to preschool twice a week.  Both kids have had colds with congestion and coughs - a result of new germs or the weather change.  They are almost completely well!  The twins absolutely love it!!  Tayden still cries when Daddy drops them off and during transition times at school when they go from one place to another or one activity to another.  The teachers say that it is getting better each time, so that is a good sign!  They have PE and Music once a week, and go outside for recess both days.  They make wonderful arts and crafts, sing songs, and read many books.  Brooklyn still won't comment on many of the details, but Tayden always fills me in.  He makes sure to tell me that he was sad and that he cried, but that he loves school.  Mrs. Larkin is the one that comforts him most of the time so he has developed a special bond with her.  He likes talking about her and told me that her favorite color is black.  I can't wait to get home on Tuesdays and Thursdays to go through their folders and discover all of the things they have made.  I have a special board I like to hang them on.  Brooklyn uses a very colorful approach to her crafts, where Tayden takes a more minimal approach.

On Tuesday, I noticed that Brooklyn had a stamp on her hand, but Tayden did not.  When I asked him aobut this, he said, "I got popsicle stick."  Their method of classroom discipline is pulling sticks, so I figured this is what he was talking about.  I was not mad at all - I am completely in favor of the teachers pulling sticks when they don't do what they are supposed to do.  I was curious about what he had done, so I decided to email the teacher.  Tim reminded me that it was only the third day of school and that I was going to look like the crazy mom, but I decided to send the email anyway, because she had said we could always call or email with any questions.  I explained that he has been struggling with following directions at home and asked if this was the case at school.  She quickly responded that he did not get in trouble!  He cried when he woke up from nap and was sitting with the other teacher, when hands were stamped.  She said that he has been doing a pretty good job of following directions, but that Brooklyn was struggling with sitting in her chair at lunch time and staying on her mat at naptime (she walks around the room while everyone is napping).  Somehow, this did not shock me at all!  I told her that we would continue to work on this at home and thanked her for taking care of the Dynamic Duo!

Brooklyn is now 85% potty trained!  She wears panties anytime she is awake and we are at home.  She rarely wants to use the Elmo potty, but would rather use the big potty.  When she does have accidents it is #2, but that is rare.  We did take a chance the other night, and left the house for about 45 minutes with her in panties.  She did end up having a tee tee accident in her carseat, but we know this is to be expected.  Her teachers told us that she goes on the potty everytime at school, so she should start wearing panties there full-time, with the exception of naptime.  She is always observant of what is going on, and never misses anything.  She was watching Tim mow the backyard the other day and said, "Dada is black."  I then asked, "What color are you?"  She answered, "brown."  My final question was, "What color is mommy?"  "White," was her response.  We often read a book where the mommy and baby kiss pieces of paper and put them in each other's kiss box so that they could keep them with them when they were apart.  The other night she was playing with some sticky notes and starting kissing each one.  She then folded up the paper and handed it to me.  My heart melted!!!

Tayden is still interested in going potty, but hasn't actually done so yet.  One night I had on a Nike shirt and he spelled out the word.  I told him that it said Nike.  The next night, we went to the new outlet mall to buy them tennis shoes for school and he said, "I get Nike shoes."  We ended up getting him Sketchers, but he still calls them his Nike shoes.  He always wants us to sit together on the couch.  He will say, "Mommy sit with me, and "Sissy come sit on couch wif us."  ADORABLE!!  He can now climb out of his bed and get behind it saying, "You can't reach me."  To him it is quite a fun game!  It has been difficult to figure out what form of discipline works for him.  He loves time out and will bring me the time out mat anytime he gets in trouble.  If I spank him, he usually continues doing the behavior and I will ask if he needs another spanking.  He will then say, "2 spankings."  He will count the spankings before he gets them!!!  I have been putting off reading my Dr. Dobson books, but the time has come!!!  Tonight we were getting ready to go to the park and Brooklyn was not getting dressed.  Tayden told her once to get ready and she ignored him.  He walked up to her and said, "Do you hear me?  Do you hear me?"  He took the paci out of her mouth and set it on the entertainment center as if to punish her for not following directions.  Tim and I were laughing hysterically. 

We got them little tricycles to celebrate them doing so well in school, and they have spent hours on them.  They haven't quite figured out how to pedal, but that doesn't seem to phase them.  The seats lift up and have storage underneath.  They love to put their pacis in there while they ride - hilarious! 

Last weekend we went to a birthday party with ponies, a train, a bouce house, and pinatas.  The twins had a blast!!!  They rode the train many times, and Brooklyn rode the ponies multiple times.  Tayden kept running to the side of the house to turn on their water.  We would find him standing in a big puddle laughing.  He also kept playing with the radio, turning the music up and down.  The kids had never seen a pinata and weren't quite sure what to do.  Brooklyn got the hang of it and would swing away, but Tayden prefered just holding the stick while everyone sang the pinata song.  We also celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend as well.  We went to her house and one of my co-workers, who is an amazing cook, came over and made us a delicious dinner of flautas, tortilla soup, taco salad, guacamole, rice, beans, and homemade hot sauce.  I made two cakes - Italian Cream, and yellow butter with chocolate icing.  The kids had a great time playing and the adults were able to catch up on all that has been going on with everyone.

On Monday, my mom got the call that my grandfather was not doing well.  He had been admitted to the ICU in Abilene, with sepsis, pneumonia, and shingles!!  She quickly got in the car and headed to be with him.  He was severely dehydrated so they pumped him full of fluids and antibiotics.  On Tuesday, he was doing much better, and continued to improve throughout the week.  He was moved back to his rehab facility yesterday!  This drastic improvement was truly an answer to so many prayers that were offered up on his behalf.  Thank you all for praying for my sweet Pawpaw.  Please continue to pray for his health and for my grandmother, mom, and her siblings, as they care for him.  He is being inducted into the ACU Hall of Fame on October 19th.  We are so excited about being there to celebrate this huge honor with him.

Lastly, I must brag on my wonderful husband.  He has sold two houses this month and started showing a new client today.  Business is so good - such a blessing.  I am in awe of his ability to take care of the twins, work a regular, full-time job, and be a realtor on the side!  He is a great husband, father, and provider.  We love you so much and are so very proud of you!!!

We had a wonderful, family Saturday evening.  We took the twins to the park at the school close to our house.  They wanted to go down the slide, across the bridges, and climb up everything that they could.  We swang a million times!  We then had SmashBurger - which was yummy.  They have fries drizzled with garlic, olive oil, and rosemary.  We sat on the patio so that the twins could run around and not disturb anyone.  It was the perfect evening.  I am truly blessed with an amazing family and I love getting to spend time with them!

Brooklyn's 1st attempt at the pinata

Tayden checking out the guitar pinada (as he calls it)

Daddy giving some pointers

DJ TayTay

Giddy up!

Loving the train

new wheels - shirtless seems more manly

riding with cousin Payton

they literally went in circles

Tayden utilizes minimal color

Brooklyn's style - you can never have too much color

Cake #1

helping SueSue blow out her candles

cake #2

opening her present from sweet Josey (my co-worker's daughter)

lunchbox gear for school

he loved his present