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Monday, September 10, 2012

Letter Qq and Meet the Teacher

Things have finally slowed down!  The first weeks of school have been fast and furious for me, but it is good to be back.  I am learning new things every day and slowly starting to get the hang of being a Special Education teacher.  I have a great group of kids that I am very excited to be working with and a wonderful assistant!

I have fallen behind on my letter of the week, but we did cover Qq in the last few weeks.  I had the pictures saved on my phone and mistakingly deleted them yesterday - boo!  We covered quail, quarterback, quack, and queso.  We will be back on track this week with Rr.  We have enjoyed this cooler weather and have spent a lot of time outside.  The twins love writing on the porch with chalk and we are going to get them a swing set this week so that they can spend even more time outside.

Last week the twins had Meet the Teacher at their new school.  Tim prefers to call it "Father's Day Out."  It was during the day, so he took them.  I asked him to get several pictures - which he didn't quite understand, but he did get some good ones.  They have been looking forward to school for weeks!!!  We got them new backpacks and lunch boxes that they absolutely love.  Brooklyn wants to wear her's at all times and constantly says, "I'm ready for school!"  They also love their new nap mats and Brooklyn always wants me to get her's out so that she can lay on it.  They are in the older 2s class.  Each classroom has a name and theirs' is called the Bakery.  They had a great time exploring their room, meeting their teachers, and several of their new classmates.  They will have two teachers - Mrs. Faubel and Mrs. Larkin.  They brought home their folders and cookies in cute bags with their names on them (Tim didn't get a picture of these).  Their folders had the daily schedule, policies and procedures, and the September calendar.  Each day shows what they will be learning about, and if they need to bring or wear something special.  I love this and couldn't wait to hang the calendar on the fridge (once again, Tim didn't understand).  I have always loved school (hence my career choice), and I am so excited for them.  I know that they are going to love being there every Tuesday and Thursday!  I have just finished labeling everything, packing lunches, and laying out their clothes.  I am not sure if I will be getting much sleep tonight - too excited!!!

On the first day of my school I went to the doctor with a sinus infection.  By Wednesday, both of the kids had upper respiratory infections.  They were very minor and only caused small coughs and runny noses - thank you Lord!!!  We are all back to being healthy.  I know that the twins will probably get sick a few times the first few months of their school - being exposed to new germs.  I pray that their little immune systems will remain strong and that they will have a healthy year.

The twins are more verbal than ever and each day they say something that amazes me.  Brooklyn and I were playing with a string.  She had one end and I had the other.  I said, "Look, I caught a fish!"  She said, "I'm not a fish.  I'm a girl.  I'm a Brooklyn!"  She loves going potty on her Elmo potty - #1 and #2.  She frequently takes all of her clothes off and runs around until she needs to go.  I have told her several times, that this will not be appropriate at school.  She is very independent and wants to do everything "by myself."  She wants to dress herself and climb into her own big bed.  She also enjoys climbing out in the middle of the night and ends up in our bed without us even knowing it.  She doesn't cry, just climbs out and makes herself right at home in our bed.  This weekend Tim and I woke up and she was not in our bed.  I was terrified that she had been kidnapped, because she is ALWAYS in our bed in the morning.  I rushed to her room and she was just waking up.  She greeted me with, "Oh hi Mommy!"  She gives me many hugs and will say, "I love you Mommy."  Definitely the sweetest words I have ever heard.

Tayden still loves unloading the groceries and always says, "Mommy go to store."  It is his favorite thing.  I often fill a grocery sack with things, just so he can unload them.  He also still loves singing and isn't shy about belting out.  He always wants to tell us where he is.  He will say, "I'm over here." "I'm down here." "I'm under here."  At every meal he will ask for his two favorite things - fruit snacks (nacks) and popsicles.  He likes to eat salad with ranch dressing and tomatoes.  He likes to tell us what time it is - nap time, lunch time, snack time, home time, bye bye time, book time (his favorite), puzzle time, and swim time.  I love his little scheduled self!  He is starting to show interest in going potty, but hasn't done it quite yet.  He will sit there and then say, "I did teetee.  I get kittle (Skittle)."  He climbs on anything and everything.  We have had to put away their table and chairs and many of the toy totes, but he still somehow finds a way to climb.   

Yesterday was a hard day for me.  My sweet dad was called home 14 years ago.  At times it feels like it was just yesterday and other times it feels like it has been so much longer.  I miss him every single day and am so very sad when I think of all the things I can't share with him.  I know that he would love the twins, and I like to think that he met them long before Tim and I did.  His death left a huge void in the lives of so many and the only thing that brings me comfort is knowing that he has claimed his reward and is waiting for me in Heaven.  Today we are 14 years closer to being reunited with him!

On a happy note, yesterday was also Grandparents' Day.  The twins are so lucky to have two wonderful grandmothers - SueSue and Grandma.  These two ladies love our babies and do so many things for them.  Thank you so much for being apart of Brooklyn and Tayden's lives!!!  I am blessed to have two of my grandparents still here.  My grandfather is still losing weight, but is having some really good, clear days.  My Nana continues to be his rock and her dedication is a testament to her unconditional love for my Pawpaw.  My grandparents have taught me many things, but most importantly the significance of family and loving your spouse through the good times and the bad times.  Thank you Nana and Pawpaw for all that you have done for us and for all of the lessons you have taught me!  We miss you both and hope to see you very soon!!!

Congratulations to my cousin Kasey and her husband David, who recently became the proud parents of seven month old baby Rosie.  God was truly in control of this situation and gave the most precious baby to a couple who will be the most amazing parents.  We have seen pictures, but can't wait to meet her in person!!!! 

Stay tuned for First Day of School pictures and please say a prayer that the twins will love it!

Ready to go meet his teachers

Too cool for school with her shades - please ignore the dead plant

Typical man - readinig on the throne

Little chairs

Playing with his teacher

Brooklyn loved the kitchen

The beautiful roses Tim and the twins gave me on the first day of school.