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Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 Months Old

The Nap Nannies
Sambo wasn't sure what to think
Our anniversary table setting
Brooklyn and Mommy
Tayden and Mommy
SueSue and Sara gave Brooklyn bunny ears

The babies are 4 months old today!!!  Everyone warned us that time would fly and I didn't understand what they meant until now.  My week back at work has been great.  I have been able to see my co-workers and go out to lunch.  Having my mom and Aunt Sara here every day has been more wonderful that words can express!  My aunt sends me pictures of the babies throughout the day so that I can stay connected.  We come home to two happy babies, clean bottles, clean baby clothes, and yesterday they surprised us with an anniversary dinner complete with roses and balloons!!!  They left us dinner for tonight as well and even put food in the freezer!!! They have definitely spoiled us!  I am still trying to find a way to convince them that they should move in for the summer - haha.  The babies are getting bigger everyday.  According to our home scale they have crossed over into the 11 lb. territory.  Brooklyn is smiling more each day.  She babbles when you talk to her and will watch you very carefully.  Tayden has been eating more and his neck is getting more stable.  I know that he will be smiling before long.  This week they have been going to bed around 11-12 and sleeping until 5 or 5:30.  Brooklyn's spitting-up has gotten better, but she does still reflux from time to time, but not as bad as she did in the past.  Tim has put our house back on the market and we are hoping that it will sell this summer before I go back to school.  We love our house, but we definitely need a little more space for our mini daycare.  As of this week Tim and I have known each other for seven years and have been married for three years.  Last night we repeated our vows and they have a whole new meaning after enduring the events of the past few months.  You truly have no idea when you commit to spend forever with someone, the journey that you will take as a couple.  I loved and respected Tim three years ago, but I love him and respect him even more now that he is the father of our children.  I had no idea that the hand I put a ring on was the same hand that would lead me to the incubators to see our babies for the first time, the same hand that held my hand for two months as we sat in the NICU watching our babies get stronger, or the same hand that I hold each night while we pray thanking God for giving us two perfect miracles.  I know that our journey is just beginning and I am so very blessed to be married to such a great man.