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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pulmonologist Visit

It has definitely been a day!!!  We got up at 5:45 to get the babies fed and ready for the trek to Dallas.  We left the house at 7:15 and dropped Tim's truck off in Grapevine so that he could be closer to work.  My sweet mom came along to sit in the back with the babies and be on reflux duty.  It took all three of us to get the babies in and out.  We met with the great doctor who was highly recommended by our pediatrician.  He was very thorough and had a great sense of humor.  He said that both babies looked to be working pretty hard to breathe, but that their oxygen saturation levels were both great.  He ordered a chest x-ray for both babies, so we had to walk across Medical City to another building to get those taken.  We then walked back for him to look at them.  (Note to self - next time take the stroller).  He said that the good news is that their lungs do not look "wet," but expressed concern that both babies have a cloudy spot on the top right lobe of their lungs.  He said that it could be their thymus gland, aspiration, or pneumonia.  He called the radiologist who gave her thoughts - it was just the thymus gland, which gets smaller as we get older, and is not cause for alarm - whew!  He changed their breathing medication to a twice daily inhaler and added another medicine for reflux.  He would like to do a swallow study on both babies to make sure they are not aspirating when they reflux and possibly an upper GI.  We are going to follow-up with him in two weeks to see how things have progressed.  He was extremely impressed with how much weight the twins have gained since coming home- YEAH!  He recommended Thick It - a thickening agent that can be added to their formula.  I got some at Walgreens and am eager to see if it helps at all.  On the way home we stopped to buy some cake balls - yes you heard me right.  We saw them on tv and the shop is in Dallas.  They are mini balls of cake covered in icing - yummy!  We were five minutes from home when we ran out of gas - yes I know, my mother of the year trophy should be arriving any day now.  I pulled into a neighborhood and we tried not to panic as my mother fanned the twins with some paper.  I called my older sister Lauri and she came to the rescue with two full gas cans within 7 minutes and then followed us to the nearest gas station.  Thank you so much sis!!!  That is now twice in one week that the Hargrove family has saved us from the terrible heat.  The day was exhausting, but an overall success.  We are reminded every time we are at a childrens' hospital just how fortunate we are.  We met the sweetest little girl today who is in a wheelchair.  She was so very friendly and kept talking to the babies.  She weighed 5 pounds at birth and only 10 pound on her first birthday.  I know her mom has spent many a day in the doctor's office and many a night on her knees in prayer for her precious daughter.  Someone did come and look at the house today, but we haven't heard any feedback.  We are praying that it sells soon so that we don't have to completely move everything around when it shows for too much longer.  Thank you to everyone who called to see how the visit went and for praying for the twins - your support means so much to us.  We love you!!!