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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Cousin Sandy
Aunt Sara and SueSue - the greatest babysitters in the world
Tayden smiling
Poppy's Garden
Brooklyn smiling
Pawpaw (Great Grandfather) and Brooklyn
Nana and Tayden
The twins with their Great Grandmother
It has been way too long since I last posted.  I worked for two weeks and am now off for six more weeks, so I am hoping to post much more often.  My summer began with a bang.  On Friday when I got home, the house was pretty warm.  It kept getting hotter and by the time Tim got home it was 80 degrees.  I packed up the babies and we had our first campout at SueSue's.  Uncle Craig came over Friday night and again on Saturday and ended up replacing the whole ac unit.  He really saved the day!!!!  On Sunday, we celebrated Tim's 1st Father's Day by eating dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  Both babies looked around at all of the bright flashing lights and hardly made a peep.  We also took the twins to Poppy's Garden (cemetary) for the 1st time.  We had planned on taking them the day we finally brought both of them home from the hospital, but it was raining.  It is extremely hard knowing that my children will never get to meet their amazing Poppy here on earth.  I know he would have loved them both so very much.  They will grow up hearing all of the stories and seeing all of the pictures I have of him.  Yesterday, my Nana, Pawpaw, and Uncle Shane came in town from Abilene to celebrate a day late.  They were so amazed at how big Brooklyn had gotten and loved meeting Tayden for the first time.  (He was still in the hospital when they were here the last time.)  We showed our house twice last weekend, but both families had children and it was too small.  We are praying very hard that we get an offer this summer so that we can get moved before the school year starts.  We definitely need more space for our mini daycare.  Brooklyn has started to coo and smile very frequently.  She seems to want to really talk at bedtime - go figure!!!  She is now over 13 lbs.  I can't get an exact weight because she won't stay still on the scale.  Tayden is 11 lbs. 10 oz.  He has started to coo every now and then and is able to control his head and neck much better.  I can't wait for the day when they start talking to each other in their own little twin language.  We have an appointment on Thursday with the pulmonologist.  He will be able to determine if the babies are completely over the croup and how Tayden's lungs have developed since he left the NICU.  The doctor is supposed to be great and we originally had an appointment in August, but they called today to offer us an earlier appointment.