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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twins' 1st Vacation

After Daddy Daycare

Tayden in the exersaucer

Brooklyn in the exersaucer

Brooklyn riding in Aunt Sara's wagon
Tim posing before driving Uncle Dean's '72 Chevy Corvette
Tim enjoying some of Sara's delicious tea
View from the front porch
Front of the house
Beach house in Galveston
View of beach - my lens was foggy
Brooklyn and Daddy - foggy lens again
Brooklyn's first time in the ocean
Tayden's first time in the ocean
Brooklyn was wiped out
Brooklyn in her bikini
Tayden as Gilligan
Where did everybody go?
We stayed in the house to the right of my head
Brooklyn and SueSue
We have been very, very busy!!! I went back to work last week and Tim had his first full week of staying home with Brooklyn and Tayden. He is doing a GREAT job!! His relaxed personality is great for this task. He doesn't get stressed and makes it look quite easy. Tim's real estate business is doing exceptionally well - definitely an answered prayer. Our house is still on the market and it appears more like a daycare with every passing day. I have enjoyed seeing my friends at work, but I do miss the babies terribly during the day, as well as spending time with my mom when she would come over to help me and keep me company. I was so blessed to be able to stay home with them until they were 5 1/2 months old and feel very fortunate that we are not having to take them to daycare.

We recently decided that the twins are old enough to travel and that if we were going to go somewhere it needed to be soon before we "hibernate" during RSV season (October-April).  We left on Saturday and went to Houston to visit my Aunt Sara and Uncle Dean.  I made lists for days to prepare for the trip and then took three evenings to pack up all of the bottles, diapers, clothes, blankets, burp rags, etc.  We recruited my mom to come with us to serve as an extra pair of hands - thank you SueSue for being such a great help!  The babies did great in the car - slept for almost the entire trip.  My cousin Kasey and her husband David came in from Corpus to surprise us and meet the twins.  We were also able to see my cousin Kevin and his wife Megan.  My aunt and uncle are always the perfect host and hostess and pamper us to the point that we don't ever want to come home.  We enjoyed our time at their home so very much - thank you for everything Sara and Dean!!  We stayed in Houston for two nights and then packed up and headed to Galveston to stay at my good friend Jennifer's beach house.  It is on the outside of town on a private strip of beach so we didn't have to mess with crowds.  The house was amazing - especially the view from the porch and the elevator that helped us transport all of the baby gear up and down.  We didn't go out during the day due to the heat, but did go to a few fun restaurants at night (Tim and I had date night thanks to SueSue and Sara)and also took the twins down to the water around 8:00 both nights we were there.  It was so much fun to dress them in their bathing suits and watch their reactions as the waves hit their legs.  They were wiped out both nights and slept quite well.  We got up on Wednesday and headed home - very sad that our vacation had come to an end.  Once again the babies did beautifully in the car.  We had a great time with our family and are ready to go back and visit very soon!     


Julie said...

Melissa, your babies are SO beautiful and I just want to squeeze them! I am so glad yall are doing well and able to get out of town. A vacation (especially with an extra set of hands) does wonders for the soul!!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, these pictures just make me laugh. I miss all of you so much! THank you for letting our home be their first vacation. We were so honored to have all of you. So happy you went to the trouble to pack everything and come. Thank you for inviting us to join you at the beach house. It was a wonderful trip for me, too. Sure enjoyed the time with SueSue and your bunch. Once I've put my foot in the water at the beach, I know I can handle the upcoming fall! Have a wonderful school year. You're doing a wonderful job! and so is Tim! sara