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Sunday, October 10, 2010

1st Football Game

It has been a great week!  The babies continue to grow and thrive and their personalities are so much fun.  We got some good news this week - the twins' pediatrician will be able to give them the Synagis shot, so we will not have to drive to Plano every month!!!  The doctor said that during RSV season (October-April) we are okay to take the twins to open-air places such as parks, but we should avoid crowded places such as restaurants, the mall, and church.  They will get the shot, which is not a vaccine, but would help greatly if they were to get RSV.  Once we get through this first season we should be okay. 

Grandma Dorothy (Tim's mom) came over this week and was very impressed with how much the babies have grown.  Both babies really showed off for her.  On Friday, we took the twins to their first football game.  Their Uncle Joey was coaching and we went to cheer him on.  They enjoyed people watching and Brooklyn especially loved the band at halftime.  They slept all the way home!!!!

We got the babies some winter pjs and they are so precious!!  We bought them 12 months thinking they would be really big and the babies would grow into them, but they fit perfectly.  To me there is nothing better than a freshly bathed baby, wearing baby lotion and new pjs.  Each day is a new adventure for us and as tired as we may be, we realize that we are two of the luckiest people in the world!  God has given us two precious gifts and we are so fortunate to have front row seats to watch them grow and change.  When I hold them in my arms, hear them laugh, watch them experience something for the first time, the fear and uncertainity of their birth and first two months of life slowly fades.  I will never forget how our journey started, but I am able to relax and enjoy where we are and dream of where we are going.

New pjs

My Ebay jackpot - 20 cans of NeoSure

Brooklyn loves her aquarium

Aunt Mimi and Cousin Payton (with 3 teeth)

SueSue and Tayden

Brooklyn and Daddy watching the band

Daddy put Tayden's bouncy seat together - so this is his last picture in sister's chair

I think I need that foot