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Sunday, October 31, 2010

1st Halloween

The twins' 1st Halloween was great!  We went to my mom's for dinner, costumes, and a pumpkin decorating contest.  Brooklyn was a lion, Tayden was a monkey, Tim was Chef from South Park, and I was Ben Roethlisberger.  My mom greeted us at the door dressed as Paula Deen - hilarious.  The twins looked precious in their costumes, but they were super hot.  They would be great winter gear in 2 feet of snow, so they only kept them on for a little while.  Tim and I stayed up until 2 a.m. last night baking and decorating our pumpkins.  He decided to carve his, but I painted mine.  I tried to be funny, but no one quite got my idea (Little Red Riding Hood).  We also carved pumpkins for the twins.  Tim's pumpkin won in the Best Carved category, and my niece Mallory's Sponge Bob Square Pants won in the Best Painted category (mine didn't stand a chance).  It was a fun evening and a wonderful weekend - hard to believe it is already over!


Sleepy boy

Halloween bib - BEFORE


Brooklyn BEFORE


Mallory and the twins

The twins with cousin Payton (Chuckie)

Mommy and Brooklyn

Little Red Riding Hood


Chuckie's Knife

Mommy and Tayden

Tayden's pumpkin

Brooklyn's pumpkin

Daddy's pumpkin



Anonymous said...

What great pictures.; Sounds like you all had so much fun....The 3 babies were so cute! Know they were glad to get out of their costumes, even tho they were adorable. So cute!!!! Thanks for sharing! sara