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Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Thanksgiving


Brooklyn trying to escape from her bouncy seat

In bed watching the parades with daddy

Cousins' 1st Thanksgiving

Brooklyn in Payton's walker
Brooklyn in daddy's hat

waiting on flu shot

twins' 1st fire

The twins' 1st Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect!!!  We started the day by watching the parades on tv and then went to my sister Jamie's house for a huge feast.  The babies got to play with cousin Payton, the guys watched football, and the girls recovered from cooking.  Going back to work today was super hard!  I had already gotten used to spending every minute of the day with the twins.  I am looking forward to Christmas Break, when I will have two weeks off with them and Tim.  Brooklyn has pretty much mastered crawling and is everywhere, into everything.  She pulls up on everything even if it is not stable - causing a few ouchies.  On Saturday she uttered her first mama!!!  She now says it quite frequently and hearing it never gets old.  Tayden has started trying to pull up on things as well.  He now reaches up for us, stands while holding our fingers, and moves from sitting to his tummy.  They are both super active and keep us extremely busy.  I got the Christmas pictures from Ann Marie today and they are GREAT!!!  I will be posting several later this evening.