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Saturday, May 7, 2011

NICU Reunion at Nash Farms

Today we attended the 2nd Annual Baylor Grapevine NICU Reunion.  It was ironic that to register we had to put on an armband.  The last time Tim or I put on a band it signified the official beginning of our journey with premature twins.  What a difference 14 months makes!  We were blessed to see so many of the friends we made during our two month stay.  Several nurses were there including Janice, the nurse that placed the twins in my arms for the very first time.  Nurse Stephanie had to work, so she couldn't make it.  We saw the Peet family with their triplets who were already in the NICU when we arrived and the Simon family with their twins that arrived during our stay.  Both of these families meant a lot to us and we were so glad to catch up with them.  It is amazing to think that each family there had their own bumpy beginnings, but that today we were able to celebrate healthy, thriving babies!!!  Just another wonderful reminder of God's greatness!  Brooklyn and Tayden loved checking everyone out.  They got to see roosters and a cow up close and personal and they both rode a pony for the first time!  Neither one of them seemed scared at all and really loved it.  It was definitely a great time for all of us!

Brooklyn and Will

Tayden with Will and Alex

The Simon and Russell twins

Brooklyn's 1st Pony Ride

Tayden's 1st Pony Ride

Tara Peet and Adelaide

Farmer Tayden

The Peet triplets and Russell twins with Dr. Kappler

My beautiful Mother's Day Flowers