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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Walkers

Great book and print awareness!!!

Duct tape here we come!

Have you ever wondered how many wipes come in a box>

Wipes?  What wipes?  I don't see anything!

I am proud to announce that both babies are now walking!!!  Tayden had been taking a step here and there, but last night he walked a few steps.  There is no turning back now!  Tayden loves copying what we do and sounds that we make.  He has at least five teeth and still loves to eat.  He is a fairly neat eater, picking up small pieces of food and then transporting them to his mouth.  Tayden has starting standing up to his sister when she tries to take his pacifier or any toy that he is holding.  He almost always has the sweetest, most laid back disposition - always smiling.  He is a happy boy!   

Brooklyn continues to become a better, faster walker with each passing day.  She has mastered walking in shoes, and spends most evenings circling the living room to show off her skills.  She has also mastered the art of taking off her diaper in the blink of an eye.  Usually we catch her in time, but earlier this week she took off her diaper and tinkled in her bed.  We have discovered that if we keep pants or shorts on her she is less likely to pay attention to her diaper.  I am guessing that our next step will be duct tape!  She has three teeth and still loves to eat as well.  She is a very messy eater - she scoops her food by the handful and then when she starts to get tired she rubs her messy hands all over her eyes and face.  Brooklyn can be a little dramatic at times - what girl isn't?  She tries to grab the spoon when I am feeding her and wants to feed herself.  She has the most precious laugh that is infectious and heart warming.  She is such a sweet girl!

The twins both love to play with all of their plastic Easter eggs, pulling them apart and trying to fit them back together.  We have also discovered that they love Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You Do See? and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what Do You Hear?  When we read them they are captivated and Brooklyn will even start crying when we have to put them away - that's my girl!

On Saturday we will be attending Baylor Grapevine's NICU reunion.  We are so excited to see many of the friends we made during the twins' two month hospital stay.  So many of the nurses became like family to us and we can't wait for them to see the babies.  We hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!