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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Vacation - Week #6 SICK, SICK, SICK

As I was writing my post last Monday, Brooklyn was getting sick with a stomach bug.  She continued to throw up for three hours - every 45 minutes or so.  Once we finally got her settled and got in bed, Tayden started throwing up, which lasted for about three hours.  It was a very long night and we had a lot of dirty laundry!!!!  It was terrible to see them both so sick and not be able to do anything to make it stop.  Those of you that know me well know that this scenario is my worst fear.  I usually run as fast as I can from anyone that looks like they might get sick.  I made great steps forward in conquering my fear after having vomit in my hair and all over my clothes.  I didn't drop the kids and run - I held them and comforted them.  Everyone told me this would be the case when I had children, and it looks like there might be hope.  Tim was a lifesaver and cleaned up each mess while I gave baths.  It didn't phase him at all - what a guy!!!   

On Tuesday they both slept a lot and were not their normal selves.  They weren't really hungry and didn't want to drink anything.  Tayden started having issues from the other end that are still occuring today, but MUCH better.  He did vomit one more time on Thursday.  Brooklyn was much better by Wednesday, but on Thursday she started running a fever of 103.  This continued off and on until Saturday, so Tim took her to Cooks' Urgent Care Center (I stayed home with Mr. Poopy Pants).  The doctor said that her ears and throat looked like they were starting to get infected, but her strep screen was negative.  She gave her some antibiotics and she has been fever free since that day.  She is back to her normal chipper self climbing on furniture and being dramatic.  My mom came over during the week and when she started to leave - Brooklyn started crying and headed for the front door.  When she was even with the tv she turned, stopped crying completely, watched for a few seconds, then started crying again as she grabbed on to SueSue.  It was so funny!!!  Acting might be in her future

The stomach virus claimed two more victims in our family - Tim and SueSue.  I am not quite sure how I avoided this terrible fate, but am so glad that I did.  When Tim first started feeling bad I thought he was faking it so that he could have a break from the sick kids, but he was definitely not kidding!!!  Everyone is now on the mend and we are trying to make the most out of every moment of my last week home.  I cannot believe that summer is almost over.  I wish that the 100+ degree days would be over.

Now for some news about Tim...  He has decided to get his EMT certification this Fall!  He loves real estate and will continue buying and selling houses - his career is actually going better than ever, but he wants to also pursue a career in the medical field (this has been a dream of his since before we started dating).  He started applying for some part time jobs - to help him get his foot in the door in this field, and he got three job offers within a week.  Each of the proposed schedules would allow for him to still stay home with the twins during the day!!!  We are prayerfully considering each position and know that God will lead him in the right direction.  Our schedules will be a little more hectic, but we will make it work!  I am so proud of him for follwing his dream!!!  Please keep him in your prayers as he begins this new adventure!

We are considering leasing our house so that we can finally move.  We desperately need the space and not too many homes in our neighborhood are selling - they are quickly all becoming rental properties.  This is another aspect of our life that we are in constant prayer about.  So many exciting changes!!!!

I hope you all have a great week and are able to stay out of the heat.  We love you!!!

New grill

Hotdog bun

turning all the knobs

She might feel sick, but can still manage to climb

Tayden wanted to get on the ladder with Daddy

My cousin Kasey and her husband David sent us these AWESOME bibs just in time for football season!  GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

Thank you Kasey and David!!!!