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Monday, August 22, 2011

18 Months Old

The trampoline

Brooklyn exploring

They wanted to eat the balloons so we had to take them away.

Our new friends.

Mommy is so proud.

Trying to out pick her brother.

He broke through the gate to the kitchen!
I cannot even fathom the fact that the twins are already 18 months old!!!  Each day their little personalities develop even more and it is so fun to watch all of the different things they do.  They are curious about anything and everything and it seems that Brooklyn is forever climbing on something while Tayden is digging through something.  They love to steal each other's pacifiers and laugh with each other.  They play very well with each other and have even started teaming up to break through the gate to the kitchen.  They have succeeded many times.  They are still doing great their sippy cups and we have discovered that they love pineapple and kiwi. 

Last week Tayden had his ECI appointment.  Both the coordinator and therapist could not believe the progress he had made in the past month.  They hadn't really ever heard his little voice and during their visit he wouldn't stop talking.  He said all of the words he knows and did all of his tricks.  They think that he might not qualify for speech services!  Brooklyn will hopefully have her evaluation in September so that we can start speech services for her.  She is meeting all of her developmental milestones, we just need to work on talking more.

This weekend we attended a birthday party for my college roommate's son - Maddox.  They had the party at ASI Gymnastics.  We got stuck in terrible traffic so we missed the gym time, but the kids were able to play for a little bit and they loved it!!!!  They wanted to check everything out and especially loved the trampolines.  We have a gym close to our house and are considering starting them in a once a week class.  For their age group the parents get to participate - that could be fun! 

I survived my 11th First Day of School today.  It actually was a very smooth day.  I have finally adjusted to getting up so very early and need to start going to bed sooner.  My sleep is hindered by the fact that I am trying to finish The Help so that I can go see the movie this weekend.  I have heard it is absolutely wonderful.  My school started DEAR (drop everything and read) time this year and I am so excited to be able to bring a book and read for 10 minutes. 

Have a great week!